Communication in Education

When children are small and at playgroup it is much easier to communicate with the people that look after them – and probably deemed more important as your children are more vulnerable. The playgroup where my third and fourth son went introduced a bag and book which went between parent and care-giver everyday so there were clearer lines of communication. Whether this was the case in practice is debatable but at least there was that option. Communication in education can vary from place to place. Some schools allow parents to come in and talk at any opportunity. Some embrace that the parents come in each morning. Others you have to make an appointment or wait until parents’ evening. More and more though communication is changing in education. With text messages, websites and e-mails. Then we have the problems with Facebook. Some have a ban on anything to do with the school being on Facebook, whilst others have groups set up to share information.

But what happens if the parents do not have access to the internet? Or even a telephone/mobile phone? Is telling the children a good idea? Do the parents ever get the message? What happens with the communication in education where your children are or were? How did you find it? How do you think it could be improved?

For me the best way is to keep the website up to date – but this doesn’t always happen. Telling boys to pass on messages is not the best choice. And I am overwhelmed by paperwork. Letters – well I might get them if they are sent home with said child, but definitely if they are sent through the post, or even put with the school reports which I make sure I get because I know they are coming. Text messages – yes if they are sent to my mobile and not my landline and NOT about every bagtoschool campaign etc. I appreciate ringing every parent is not an option – but good for small numbers. I can understand schools not being happy with the use of Facebook or Twitter but they might be easier to update simple things as reminders of when term dates are etc.

And if the school DOES send out information – being clear WHICH school it is would help me a great deal – we don’t all have one school.