Baby Led Weaning – Breakfast ideas

babyeatingspoonBaby Led Weaning really, to me, is about taking the fuss out of weaning, and just giving your baby what you are having. Just putting it on their tray or passing it to them and then them feeding themselves. But when it’s all new sometimes you want some ideas, either something a little less messy than handing them a spoon for their cereal or something you can visibly see they are eating.

babyeatingeggandtoastRemember at first they don’t actually digest a lot – they can suck the goodness out, but they don’t need a lot (they don’t really start eating until around 9 months) and breastmilk will supplement this (sorry I don’t know much about formula feeding and BLW).

You could try dry cereal or weetabix made wet (dipped in milk)  just at the end. Things in the “bread aisle”  Toast, Crossiants, Maltloaf, Crumpets, pancakes, breakfast muffins, Teacakes, etc.

babyeatingorangeMaybe with some egg – hard boiled or scrambled.

For those not afraid of mess – how about some baked beans.

Why not try some Fruit – bananas are a popular choice.  Dried apricot is a good source of iron and I used to hold them in my fingers and he sucked them to death. Of course you can slice an apple or just give it them whole. Grapes, strawberries, raspberries , blueberries, blackberries, etc. I’ve never cut them up either. The theory is if he can’t eat them then he wont manage to get it in his mouth or will spit it out.

Or think outside the box – maybe some cooked meat or yoghurt & remember a drink too.


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