Guest Post – 40 Months of BreastFeeding

Dionne (@nur_careermama) from Nurturing Career Mama has hung up her blogging boots for the moment to concentrate on her family but has kindly found time to tell us how well she is doing with her breastfeeding in this Guest Post.
40 Months of BreastFeeding
At the park last week, I was asked by a mother when chatting about our six month old baby boys, how long I had breastfed my daughter for. I informed her that we hadn’t stopped, that she still nurses now. She was shocked and made no bones about hiding it. She looked back and forth at me and then at my daughter, not so much in disgust, I think it was more curiosity. She was keen to learn more, so I explained. It’s not like she nurses like a baby but she has mummy milk at bed, maybe a little in the night and then some first thing in the morning. Then it dawned on her that not only was my little girl no longer a baby but an articulate active little person going to preschool, but I was also nursing a baby too. She went away with a whole new perspective on breastfeeding 🙂
And then it hit me, I have now been breastfeeding for 40 months solid.

On top of that I’ve been tandem nursing for over six months. I’m particularly proud of this because at times it’s been really hard to resist the occasional desire to wean my eldest. When I’m feeling touched out and going totally insane from her super strong suckle compared to the gentleness of the baby. Then there are the times I’m so glad of our continued nursing – she rarely gets ill and it provides the perfect way to relax, reconnect and briefly escape all the other busyness of our young family life.

I’m also proud to say that in this very same park I even nursed my daughter in public, although very reluctantly and surreptitiously. I could either tolerate half an hour of whining or go with 10 seconds of num nums. I gave in for the quick comfort fix.

And what’s been the hardest parts? In the early days it was the lack of support. It was never technique or pain. In the longer term it has been fighting the disapproval of some, educating them and then accepting that certain people will never accept this because selfishly they dislike the dependence this has upon me.

What now? When is it going to end? Who knows, we’re going with the flow; me, my baby boy and growing girl.
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