Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Kelly from  Writings, Ramblings and Reviews has tagged me in The Versatile Blogger Award meme.

I was tagged in this Meme last November also (click on the image above to read what I put before).

Back in the day it was 7 random things but it appears to have evolved into 5 – so here goes.

1. I burn easily. I am still feeling very hot from yesterday from where my skin has soaked up the sun.

2. My wardrobe on a day to day basis is a boring combination of jeans and vest tops – changing to shorts in the summer and throwing on a jumper in the Winter

My Birthday is tomorrow!!!!!
3. And to celebrate Blogger Stylee I shall be announcing the winner of the Xara Photo Graphic Designer Competition – not too late to enter!!!!

4. It is 10 years ago today since my husband jumped off a wall, resulting in him injuring his ankle and me getting his phone number 🙂

5. I don’t like children crying, and am more of a hugger than a “leave them or they will never learn”  type.

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