My husband’s big 3 0

I wanted something for my husband’s 30th that he would remember. Something he could say he’d done that. I didn’t want a “supercars” day as that was too obvious. So I thought about getting him a trial flying lesson with a view to him getting a licence if he enjoyed it (we’ve since decided to buy a house so that might be on hold).

I told my friend about it and she pointed me in the direction of a deal – the decision was sealed.

Next I decided to order 30 cupcakes with a planes theme.

I bought lots of blue button aeroplanes from Ebay to help decorate my food table too. I also had to get a new cake stand but I’ve used it quiet a bit.

Then one night we sent him out to the pub with his brother whilst we got to work on some home made craft.

Our 8 year old started by making 30 paper aeroplanes. This lead onto a bit of googling about Guinness World Records. In turns out that the World Record for Planes being made and thrown in a minute is 7 apparently.

I cut out some stars (like in the sky) and they glued bits on from our craft box.

Then the children spotted paper plates and wanted to decorate them. I guess I could call them planets but really it was what they wanted to do for their dad – and that was the important bit.

Our 4 year old insisted on having 30 on his and so I cut some out of shiny paper before remembering I had 30 confetti we could use.

He also told me not to “put it on the internet” because “daddy will see it and it wont be a surprise”

We then decorated the room with our creations

Even our eldest got involved and made a Plane Sweetie Jar.

He simply recycled an old jam jar and filled it with sweets. Made a cone by cutting out a semi-circle then folding it at the bottom of the curve to make the point (he said like the filter paper in chemistry). He sellotaped it on and made some wings.

Then the 3 older children made cards.

We made a hat by simply sticking some ribbon on some card and gluing stars and a 30 to it.

Then we had a tea party.

Which of course needed some balloons that say 30 on them.

The Presents

We got him some Galaxy chocolate and a pilots hat.

The Flying

When it came to the flying lesson my clever husband knew everything they were going to tell him in the debriefing session – so as that had saved lots of time they let him fuel the plane.

They let him fly to and over our house.

Afterwards they let me take photos :O)

And he received a certificate.