Introducing a bit of technology

I decided that this week I would introduce a bit of laptop based creativity to my 4 year old’s World.

I knew that one of my favourite editing programmes had a Kaleidoscope effect which would also be in keeping with our letter of the week of K – and this indeed is what he produced.

I asked him what he knew about using laptops – and he was all like “I haven’t got one”

I turned it on for him and introduced him to the mouse pad.

and internet explorer

and how he had to move the arrow over the icon and click the button to get the page to open.

I introduced him to Google.

and Google Images

then I showed him what a Kaleidoscope looks like

Before opening up Paint Shop Pro to show him how to edit a letter K to make a Kaleidoscope effect.

I actually taught him quiet a lot. Duplicating layers, magic wand, selection tool, erasing, flood fill, changing colour to name a few.

and of course the desired effect.


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