No he’s not f@*k!ng tired!!!!

My youngest is a bit of a whirling dervish. He certainly keeps me on my toes. If I so much as pop up to the loo, then you know that some sort of devastation will be left behind (well most the time anyway). He really seems to need little sleep and at 3 1/2 is still not always sleeping through – although he is MUCH better at it these days.

But yet there seems to be this reoccurring theme from strangers to say out loud, “He’s tired” when he’s having a screaming tantrum (I know a very odd thing for a child of his age to do). This also after he’s had a sleep in the car, which isn’t welcome either in the middle of the day.

In fact his birthday is a perfect example. We took him to McDonalds for tea. He ate nothing – he’s very fussy about how his food is presented, and when he eats, but we tend to ignore it, he’s not starving. Plus he’d been easily distracted by the balloons and puzzles the staff were handing out.

So then we have it, time to go. He doesn’t want his coat on. But it’s pouring down with rain. He’s screaming and kicking.

And then the lady grimacing at the next table pipes up loudly

“Ah, he’s tired!”

In a kind of – bless that first time mum she doesn’t know he’s just tired kind of voice.

I have FOUR children!!!!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the only time a child kicked and screamed was because they were tired!!!

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