Helping with Learning and Gross Motor Skills

We are awaiting to see Occupational Therapy about our youngest son; as the words “sensory processing” have come up quiet a bit during his assessments.

There’s cause for concern about his gross motor movements, as well as the fact that he is developmentally behind his peers. He can be hard to engage with and keep interested in things – making it even harder to help him progress with his learning.

So when an opportunity came up to review a product that would help with all this I jumped at the chance.


Magic Moves® Wand is designed to help promote creative movement, gross motor skill development, to follow directions and help with listening skills. Of course the  Magic Moves® Wand isn’t specifically designed for children with sensory processing disorder (I think dyspraxia  is problems with gross motor movements, but I’m still learning) and is brilliant for all young children. However, I do feel that it was particularly useful for my son because of his stumbling blocks.

The idea is it is shaped like a Magic Wand. That you explain to your child that magic wands “transform” things. That they will pretend to be different things – like a frog, a tree, a dinosaur, etc. Talk about how these things move and then demonstrate them. It has 90 creative movements such as “sway like a tree” and special surprise commands like “freeze”


The lights certainly entranced our son and kept him interested. Lights are at the top and bottom and flash, alternating between the top and the bottom, and changing colour. The top also has a star shape inside. It is very musical too (with 26 tunes), being rather upbeat. With stars cut out and embossed on the stick.


It was simple to use with just pressing a button to move onto the next sound (play – green), and another to go back (repeat – purple). With an off switch and 2 volume levels. It was good to get us interacting together too.


I received a Magic Moves® Wand free in order to review it.