Children Sharing a Room

Nice to be together or do they need their own space?

Research shows that familiarity (Zajonc, 1968) and proximity (Festinger, 1950) are two factors in stronger friendships.

But the age, sex and size of the room will also play a part. What age gaps do you think are acceptable to share?


What about age appropriate toys in the room – younger children being kept away from small parts for example.

Does sharing a room help develop the children’s ability to share?


What if they have very different tastes in how they want their room decorated?


What about storage?


Problems may occur if the children have very different sleeping patterns, if there are special needs, if one is a bed-wetter, if one is very young and cries a lot at night, or chronic illness.


However, the companionship may help them settle down to sleep. Lessening the fear of monsters or ghosts – feeling there is someone there with them.

What about time alone? Or to do homework/concentrate?

Do your children share a room? When do you think it is or isn’t okay for children to share? Do you have a bedtime routine? If so do children who share go to bed at the same time or separately? 

Our middle two share a room, as the oldest and youngest have special needs. I think it’s easier for us in that we have all boys. There is a 4 year age gap between them so the younger one goes to bed first. They do disturb each other in the morning though, and ideally I think it would be better for each child to  have their own room. As you can see they both like Mario too.