Splash About


Enjoy a splash about – active family in the water (swimming, watersports etc.)

A boat ride in the sea – what great family fun. But what about when you have more than one child? The question of who would you save first is always going to be a question. Therefore teaching our children to swim was a very important life skill we wanted, no needed, them to have, especially because our town is prone to flooding.


Having 4 children can make things harder when it comes to swimming – due to parent-child ratios. This was one of the reasons that the children started to have private lessons (30 minutes each a week) – that and the fact that we all love the water. Now our oldest is looking into doing the lifeguarding course after his GCSEs, at the pool where he has been having his lessons.

You may know that our youngest has difficulties and has a Statement of Special Educational Needs. One of the reasons that we applied for Disability Living Allowance, was in order to pay for one-to-one swimming lessons as he just was not coping in the group lessons. Our local pool is very good, and the swimming instructor has since been trained in how to get the most from our son’s lessons. We pay as we go, and therefore if say (for example) it snows, then we know this will affect our son and he will not cooperate during his lesson, so it is easily cancelled.


I believe that these lessons have not only helped him in the area of swimming, but also it has been beneficial for him in other areas such as developing his listening skills and concentration.splash

Water is possibly one of the main things that unites our 4 boys across the age ranges of 4-16 years. From swimming, slides and splashing, to water guns – what boy (or girl) could resist playing in water.


You can play with water at home, some local parks, the sea or waterparks (pools).


The waterparks, with the array of slides, wave machines and other water based fun, mean that families can get active without even realising, because they are just having so much fun. In fact the pool is possibly the most important aspect of a holiday for my family.

We love


Splashdown @ Quaywest Devon – although it wasn’t very practical with 2 small children who weren’t strong swimmers. Especially as there was a slide and you needed 2 adults per child really so you could be at the top and bottom with them.lcWe travelled quiet far to go to the LC Swansea – but this was a great pool, really catering for all ages.


The Tiki Pool – at Duinrell Holland boasts Europe’s largest waterpark. Again all though it was great for its slides it wasn’t as practical as the LC for the younger children.

Have you been splashing about in this gorgeous weather? In a paddling pool, at the seaside? Or maybe you have some splashing in pools stories to share.

Maybe go and have a splash about over half term.

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