Packing for Britmums & A #Mooncup #Giveaway

So I finally started to get organised for Britmums Live (see my previous post for more about Britmums Live and my Sponsor Mooncup Ltd here), now that my fabulous Mooncup T-shirt has arrived. So if you’re looking out for me (thank you) this is what I shall be wearing (see the What I’m wearing Linky).


I shall also have with me a bag (which happens to match in colours)bag

In it I shall have my notebook and pen, which I intend to fill with important lists – such as which Brands I wish to meet, and who is at the lounges, and the Silver Stands; my must see Blogger list and an idea of what sessions I will attend in the day.


Other important bits I want to have to hand in my bag are:

My iPad (useful for tweeting on so I can save my phone battery – remembering to turn my phone off when using);

my glasses – in case I’m at the back and really actually want to be able to see;

My Mooncup Demo Cup – in case anyone wants to have a play ;O)

Antiperspirant – do you know how many people are going to be there – that sounds HOT! (thank you to Actually Mummy for this fabulous tip).

I’ve got my train ticket but I’ve also to print out my hotel and Britmums Live ticket – you don’t have to but I don’t want to worry that my battery will die and I wont get in!


A REALLY important thing to have at hand is chargers. Don’t make the mistake I made – my iPhone and iPad do NOT take the same charger – make sure you pack both! Make sure they are also fully charged before you leave – I killed my battery by the time I got to London at the last blogging conference I attended (and that was with it fully charged when I left in the morning!)

I’m not sure whether I am taking my MacBook Air with me – I think chances are I’m leaving it home because I hear there’s some serious drinking to do and my OH would KILL me if anything happened to it. I’d love to hear any thoughts on this. I don’t really know how to use it – and the file sharing thing sounds cool.


I sorted out my business cards. I like to take cards off fellow bloggers – especially as it’s going to be really busy and I may not have time to speak to everyone, but may grab a quick hello. They are also going to be useful for passing on to the Brands. I packed a bulk lot into my tartan bag; these are accompanied with Mooncup leaflets for anyone who wishes to know more about them, but due to the sponsorship guidelines cannot be given out at the Conference – so please if you see me before or after please ask me for one. I am feeling confident that I will empty my bag (please help me out to do so, I need the room to bring my goodies back). They also contain 10% off a Mooncup code!


Then of course my suitcase, with underwear, pjs, socks, spare jeans, my Pinkoddy top, etc.


Then some everyday basics (who am I kidding, I’m a mom of 4 boys, two of whom have special needs!) – hair straighteners, make-up, perfume, jewellery, make-up remover – oh and general toiletries. 

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