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As you can imagine the Summer holidays are a lot like Christmas in that it confuses my youngest son (who we think is Autistic) and therefore he needs a lot more attention.As I have less time then I have agreed to a  guest post on the importance of Christmas on children’s development – they have kindly offered to giveaway a Christmas tree – fear not this is open until November 25th – I hope that is late enough in the year for you.


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How Christmas Helps a Child’s Development

Christmas is a busy time of year; there are a lot of plans to make and a lot of arrangements that you need to stick to in order to please all of your friends and family. When it comes to children a lot of people think that the only thing that’s important to them at this time of year is the gifts that Santa will put under the tree. However, although the gifts that they receive are important for their development – if you pick the right ones – there are also many other elements of the festive season that it’s important for children to be involved in.

When I comes to Christmas time you’ll probably be excited about spending time with your family putting up the tree, cosy late nights in front of the fire and of course the numerous Christmas parties that you’ll probably find yourself attending. For children the excitement is school plays, their favourite movies, late nights and the family parties that they’ll be able to come along to as well.

Although the type of toys a child is given will essentially help their mental development it is the social hype that surrounds the Christmas period that will help their social development.

Whether you go out carolling, decorate the tree together, throw a festive party, write letters to Santa, visit a grotto or just go sledging in the snow, doing the same things each year will help your children maintain some stability in a world that’s ever changing and will hopefully teach them the values and traditions that your parents taught you and they’ll pass them on to their own children in the future.


When it comes to giving gifts at Christmas there’s a lot of choice out there. Children nowadays are a whizz with technology as their entire lives revolve around it with TVs, games consoles everywhere you turn. Even school isn’t an escape from the modern digital world as something as traditional as a black board or white board has now been replaced with an interactive white board. In order for Christmas to be a benefit to a child’s mental development it’s really important to consider the toys you give as gifts. Rather than opting for something that’s easy like a copy of their favourite film or a new game for their games console think about the things that you used to play with and consider whether or not these are still considered good toys today. Lego and other building blocks or a picnic set or Wendy house will all spark a child’s imagination and allow them to get much more from their gift that just a set of toy blocks.

With the number of children with mobile phones rising significantly in the past decade it’s no wonder they’re growing up so quickly with almost three quarters of children (73%) owning a personal mobile phone by the age of ten.

Modern electronic toys and mobile phones actually hinder a child’s development as they force them to think in a certain way. The old fashioned, traditional toys on the other hand promote imaginative play as a stack of blocks becomes a princess’ tower and a bicycle a time machine. One way to prevent the smothering of your child’s imagination and encouraging them to grow up too quickly is to be responsible when buying gifts for Christmas as this will actually help further their development. It’s really easy to buy responsibly too, it just means checking the packaging of everything you buy to ensure it’s aimed at children of your child’s age and not anyone older. understands the importance of Christmas for individuals and families. For all your Christmas needs visit Christmas trees and lights today.

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