Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Super Set #Review

Hot wheels 10-in-1 Super Set Review Christmas present for boy idea @pinkoddy

Are you looking for a present for a boy, well you cannot go far wrong with Hot Wheels. Most boys like cars no matter what age they are – but these aren’t any old cars, no, they are Hot Wheels cars! When we were sent the Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Super Set to review it ended up being delivered next door, the man who received the parcel thought it was fantastic, a sure sign that you are never too old! Please note that I am not at all suggesting that girls will not LOVE Hot Wheels too, but honestly I have 4 boys and just know that they all love them, and have yet to meet a boy who does not. My experience with girls is much more limited.

Hot wheels review christmas present for boy idea @pinkoddy

Small storage space required when not in use.

The track requires 4 D batteries (that isn’t 4D as my husband said) and comes with 1 die-cast car. It does not take up much room when not in use, as you can take it all apart when you have finished playing with it – like it comes out of the box. There are over 30 pieces of build your own construction – loops and curves, 2 boosters, a side-by-side gravity racing clamp and more than 20 foot of track. It came out of the box easily and there wasn’t lots of unnecessary plastic tags/packaging. It came with instructions that showed how to build at least 10 different types of track, but with scope to build your own: Great for stretching their imaginations. This is the perfect present for a boy because it keeps them thinking and entertained without the use of technology. My oldest is doing A-level physics so he loved to get involved in this as the expert too!

Hot wheels review christmas present for boy idea @pinkoddy

Perfect for little hands – but you can never be too big for Hot Wheels

After you have built your track put your car (or cars) in the booster(s) and set them whizzing off (by a simple press of a button). Watch as the car goes through your loops and see if it can get round your newly built track without falling off. Not all Hot Wheels cars will work on this track but many others do and can be added for good crashing fun by setting them off at different ends to see how quickly they collide.

Hot wheels review christmas present for boy idea @pinkoddy

I think if you were thinking about a Christmas present for a boy this would be ideal, as what better thing to be doing on Christmas day than to be lay across the living room floor developing a new fantastic track as a family. It really did bring together the boys as a team. This toy really does get everyone wanting to be involved and join in – it is so much fun. It also keeps you plenty of time to play, then redesign the track, play again, then repeat until you’ve done all the tracks and designed your own!

Hot wheels review christmas present for boy idea @pinkoddy

20 ft of track the Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Super Set is ideal for boys to come together to help build an awesome track

Note it wasn’t as simple as it sounds to build the track and a little patience is required – so bear this in mind if you have a very excited four year old waiting to play (it is primarily aimed at boys ages 5+). Maybe build it ready for him to wake up to it on Christmas morning rather than in the box. The pieces were different colours and I think the instructions could have utilised this to make it easier to follow.

Hot wheels review christmas present for boy idea @pinkoddy

Very excited to be testing Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Super Set

Ages: 4+
RRP: £49.99

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We received a free Hot Wheels 10-in-1 Super Set in order to review it.