Update His Summer Look

update his summer look

Some lucky ladies are fortunate enough to have bagged a man with a natural sense of style and an approach to shopping that doesn’t involve hovering in doorways, arms crossed and scowling. The rest of us, not so much. So if the man in your life is in need of a fashion refresh, make life easier for both of you by sorting out his summer look when you’re out shopping on your own. After all, if it doesn’t fit, you can always take it back!

update his summer look

Does your man dress like a clown?


 It’s summer, which means it’s time for him to unleash his legs on the world. Buy him a pair of denim shorts, some khakis and a dapper pair of checked cargo shorts to get his summer look nailed, whether he’s heading to Bognor or Benidorm on his holidays. When it comes to swim shorts, even the most unadventurous man is usually prepared to experiment with prints, stripes or even a flash of fashionable neon when it’s time to hit the beach.


For a casual but cool weekend look, a short-sleeved shirt or two will be one of the hardest-working items in his wardrobe this summer. Great with jeans or shorts, it works perfectly for BBQs, low-key nights out or spontaneous kickabouts in the park. Go for navy, white or bright checks to add a dash of colour to his summer repertoire.

update his summer look

Shirts can be mixed with casual wear.


 The humble T-shirt is the number one essential item in any man’s summer clothes collection. ASDA George T-shirts are great value and George have thought of everything from plain white to fun HP Sauce and Jabba the Hut Prints. Whether he’s looking for a round-necked tee, a smart polo shirt or a fashion forward button or pocket detail T-shirt, the shops are full of great options, so pile them high, so he doesn’t have to worry about running out of clean tops on holiday this summer.

update his summer look

You can pick up some great T-shirts at Asda whilst you do your shopping


 When it’s time to shed the socks, footwear can be a minefield for men. First of all, get him to check his toes are in a fit state to expose to the world. If they’re in need of serious TLC, why not book him in for a pedicure, or if he thinks salons are for girls, try doing one at home. Once his tootsies can rival Beckham in the grooming stakes, treat him to a new pair of flip-flops for lazy days on the beach and a pair of desert boots for a dressed-down city look.


 The right jumper can lend a real dash of style to a casual jeans and T-shirt combo. For a smarter look, choose a lightweight knit to keep him warm but not overheated on cooler days, and for days out at the park or nights at the helm of the BBQ, grab an easy-to-chuck-on hoodie or two, in lightweight summer jersey.

Now you’ve done him the favour of getting his summer look sorted, he owes you big time. Time for a shopping spree for a couple of treats for your holiday look!


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