Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway from Mattel #Review

Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway from Mattel

 Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway from Mattel #ReviewThe Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway is a great track for playing alone or competitive fun. It is great as a stand-alone product but also compliments other Hot Wheels tracks nicely. The set is recommended for those ages 4 and up: Priced at around RRP £22.99.  This appealed to all 3 of my younger boys – ages 5, 7 and 11 (I am sure the 18 year old would have loved it too but he is busy revising for his A-levels).

 Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Packaging and Build

Starting with the packaging which has the familiar Hot Wheels Logo branding on it, clear visuals of what the set is like, and instructions on how it works. It is clear that this is a racing set and I liked that there is a clear warning on the box that it contains small pats and a long cord (which is a strangulation hazard). It was easy for my 7 year old to open the box, using the perforations, and there was no need for any scissors or a screwdriver to take the parts out (I find sets like that really annoying). All that is needed to build the track comes complete within the box.

The set only comes complete with one Hot Wheels Car and is not compatible with all Hot Wheels vehicles. It is a rather cool silver car with orange see-through roof. It has metallic dark blue wheels and emblazoned with “THE FASTEST RECORD” on it. It looks like it is designed for speed – and fits well in the Hot Wheels Race sets. This ultimate 2-lane race set is symmetrical – not only making it fair for both drivers but is also great for bringing Mathematics into play.

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The Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway took my 7 year old 20 minutes to put together by following the instructions. I helped him push some bits in he found tricky and corrected him with the stickers/characters but other than that it was really straight forward. Since building it he did discover that a couple of things he did wrong (and how to do them right, such as sliding the orange pieces to hold the track up through the track and not just putting them underneath). Therefore, I feel that it has also been great for his problem solving.

Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Play

Hot Wheels Super Speed BlastwayThis Hot Wheels Track was fun and competitive. The cars are released by banging a fist down on the trigger. This requires the right amount of speed and skill (I did mine too hard and the car went flying off the track!). The cars shoot up to the grandstands and in a loop back to the start, knocking off one of the pit crew characters with every lap; until the winning car triggers the finish flag declaring who is the ultimate winner. The lanes are so close together though that it could be played with alone, using both hands to power the start button. The set fits together nicely with the other tracks increasing the playability of the set.

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I was sent a free Hot Wheels  Super Speed Blastway for purposes of review all words and opinions are my own.