View-Master Virtual Reality

virtual realityMattel’s reimagined View-Master is an exciting, easy-to-use platform that offers an immersive, digital experience for children aged 7+ which works with your smart phone*. It features 360 degree augmented, virtual reality, creating a fantastic interactive learning environment!

About Mattel’s View-Master Virtual Reality

View-Master Virtual Reality that also works with Google Cardboard to offer a 21st century twist and easy-to-use, interactive learning platform. You simply buy the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Kit, which comes with an instruction booklet and demo, explaining how to get started.

How to Set-Up the View-Master Virtual Reality

Using the compatible smartphone (not provided) I downloaded the View-Master Virtual Reality Experience Apps. Then there are 4 options – pressing M on the screen will get you started. This will then give you the option of playing the Demo, using a View-Master Preview reel or experiencing the View-Master VR Experience Packs, such as Destinations, National Geographic: Wildlife and Space (through a Pass Card or unlocking at the app store).

virtual realityI had trouble scanning the pass card and the trouble shooting picked this up and took me to a webpage with lots of videos on and information – I was expecting a what to do now page. When finding the right video, however, it just showed them quickly holding the pass card to the screen exactly I was doing. My husband had no trouble whatsoever though so I am really unsure what I was doing wrong!

There are then 2 options as to whether you have the Experience Reels or not (there are 3 in each Experience pack). It then told me that I had to ensure that my device supported camera use and to verify that View-Master Space has permission to use it. It does not explain how to do this, or give you the option to allow from the app. I had to go into my iPhone settings, find the Space app and then slide the button on the camera (so it went green). It then tells you to place the device in the viewer with the top of the phone facing left. It does not say at this point that you need to take it out of any casing but I had read that in the View-Master Starter Pack Instructions. Again it does not tell you how to open the Viewer on the screen – but I had read this in the instructions booklet too. Then you secure your smart phone into the View-Master as instructed (I have an iPhone 5s so had to use the adapter provided to secure the phone). Again I had problems that then nothing happened it was just on the screen saying that the device needed to be inserted, but my husband had no problems.

virtual realityYou then place the reel in front of you and a 3-D augmented reality menu appears, featuring digital icons that float above the reel.  Then make a selection by looking at the one you want to visit then click the lever to launch yourself through time and space into 360-degree views that completely surround you.  Look up, look down, look around – everywhere you turn, you’ll find something new to see!  Interact with your environment by clicking the lever to pull up videos, images, fun facts and mini-games.

The apps are child-friendly with the preview content with the associated apps being free and access to additional content and apps are sold separately. I did find that each experience being a separate app did take up more space on my smart phone though. My husband really enjoyed it but thought that the reels were a waste of resources and it is better just to download an app, as you hardly use them.

Priced at around RRP £22.99

Suitable for ages 7+

Includes one viewer, one preview reel, one adaptor for your smartphone and a user guide

The View-Master Experience Packs

virtual realityThe destinations-themed View-Master Experience Pack allows you to visit landmarks in three of the world’s most famous cities, virtually!  Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York, explore the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza or experience London’s Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

Priced at around RRP £7.99

Suitable for ages 7+

National Geographic: Wildlife

The National Geographic: Wildlife themed View-Master Experience Pack takes you on safari in three of the world’s most famous spots without ever leaving home!  Walk on the wild side with kangaroos and koalas in the Australian outback, sloths and jaguars in the Amazon and native animals on the African savanna.

 Priced at around RRP £7.99

Suitable for ages 7+


 The space-themed View-Master Experience Pack takes you on trips that are out of this world, virtually!  Explore our solar system, see spacecraft up close or experience the night sky in a whole new way.

Priced at around RRP £7.99

Suitable for ages 7+

* Only works with selected devices, for a full list please check here.

I was sent a View-Master and the 3 Experience packs for purposes of review. No other financial incentive has been given.