GO Jetters Twitter Party Fisher Price Toys #Ad

About Go Jetters

Go Jetters is the CBeebies geography based programme aimed at those ages 4-6 years old. The geography based programme sees the Go Jetters heroes Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz board the high-tech computerised Jet Pad (voiced by Naomi McDonald) helping them to head to a new place and discover a new landmark. The show uses songs and music to expose facts about foreign countries and environments.GO Jetters Twitter Party Fisher Price Toys #Ad

Go Jetters Heroes

Each Go Jetter has a star logo on their suit, and a particular speciality and a sentence they’ll often repeat over the episodes. Xuli (voiced by Pilar Orti) is the only girl of the group and pilot of their vehicle, the Vroomster. Her purple and yellow suit has stylised wings around its logo. Her catchphrase is ‘not cool!’ Kyan (voiced by Akie Kotabe) is the sporty one and he is very good at gymnastics. He wears a deep blue and orange suit with no particular sign of his speciality. He is known to say “aced it!” in every episode. Lars (voiced by Syrus Lowe) is the tallest of all and is really good at fixing things. In red and white, his logo has a cog-shaped surrounding. Known to say “Geographic!” in most episodes. Lars is also shown being an Eiffel Tower lover in the first episode of the series. Foz (voiced by John Hasler) is the clever one. In light blue and yellow, his logo is shaped as a broken circle identical to an on/off button symbol. Known to build his sentences like mathematical formulae (X plus Y equals Z). Ubercorn (voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins), is a funky-disco grooving unicorn, is their teacher, mentor, friend and the leader of the Go Jetters Academy.Dressed with a white glittery suit with light blue stars, purple goggles and red sparkly boots, he guides the Go Jetters during their missions by giving them advice and selecting click-ons for them. He also presents them with his top 3 “funky facts” on the place they are going to visit.

Go Jetters Villains

Once the Go Jetters discover the landmark they find that there is something not quite right about it – that it has been altered in some way (“glitched”) by Grandmaster Glitch and his Grimbots (voiced by Marc Silk). Grandmaster Glitch likes dirt and having fun, which usually involves destroying or using a landmark to achieve his plans. He has a large moustache, used as his trademark, and fennel-like pieces on his helmet. He calls the Go Jetters “No-Jetters” and often says “Grimbles!”qHe goes around in his Grimbler, a little rusty ship. His Grimbots are his minions and are little spherical robots. They take care of everything at Grim HQ, Glitch’s main jet and help Glitch in his mischievous activities.GO Jetters Twitter Party Fisher Price Toys #Ad

Go Jetters Save the Day

The Go Jetters save the landmark which requires asking Ubercorn for some “click-ons” (gadgets) to aid them in their task. Once their mission is compete and the landmark is saved the Go Jetters take a selfie as a souvenir (#SummerSelfie).

Go Jetters DVD

Go Jetters is shown on weekdays at 17:45 on CBeebies, with a new DVD available from July with 10 episodes to watch including The Eiffel Tower, France (where Grandmaster Glitch steals the Eiffel tower to use as a TV aerial); The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt (where Grandmaster Glitch steals the Great Pyramid of Giza to play his shape game); and Stonehenge, England (where Grandmaster Glitch decides to play giant dominoes with Stonehenge stones).

Go Jetters Twitter Party

I was invited to be a Go Jetters Twitter Party Host which includes watching the above DVD and reviewing the new Fisher-Price toy range. The party theme is around education and geography with a variety of activities around the show and toys, as well as guests taking home a goody bag. Join in for online spot competitions and fun and games (follow the #GoJettersGo). There are also downloadable activities available on request.

Twitter Party Thursday 29th July 2016 2pm-4pm BST – @UKMumsTV #GoJettersGoGO Jetters Twitter Party Fisher Price Toys #Ad

Go Jetters Fisher-Price Toys Review

I have had the great task of reviewing the brand new Fisher-Price Go Jetters Toys so I can let you know ahead of the party exactly what you are trying to win!

I thought that the Go Jetters toys were fantastic. Easy to handle, well built and of very good quality. Both the toys and packaging are brightly coloured and appealing. I liked the ease of opening the products and lack of waste materials. I also love how well illustrated the toys are on the box, in case there is any uncertainty of how to put things together. The Go Jetters toys look just like their on-screen counterparts. There is lots of playability, with lights, sounds and story-telling – giving children the opportunity to use the toys to follow what they are watching or create their own enabling them to discover new landmarks.Go Jetter Toys Fisher Price Mattel


This toy has Ubercorn’s 3 funky facts about the Great Sphinx of Giza on the packaging, a toy sphinx and Kyan with pop out energy rays (push them under the board and when you press down on Kyan they spring out). The board has wheels so it can be pushed around – good for fine motor skills. The star emblem is on both sides of the board, as well as on the figure.

Available at Argos £6.99 and Smyths


Lars is the only darked skinned character wearing a fantastic red suit with red star emblem in the middle.  His add on has an extendable arm drill on the G.O. Fix suit, with push button action to make it shoot up. The packaging comes with Ubercorn’s 3 funky facts about the Antarctica and an ice statue of Glitch!


This toy has Ubercorn’s 3 funky facts about the Statue of Liberty on the packaging, a Lady of Liberty toy. Foz comes with rays which pop out one by one at a push of a button. This is easy to attach on and off from Foz, so that he may be played in other formats. The star emblem is on the rays kit as well as the figure.GO Jetters Twitter Party Fisher Price Toys #Ad


This time Foz is a giant in his suit – with poseable arms, grab and hold claw, a suit that pops up and down, rolling action and launching energy bolts. The bottom half fully twists around, and as you may come to expect bright colours and the familiar star emblem.

Available at Smyths £14.99


This toy was a lot of fun. Easy to load place the weather discs inside the launcher and seal the lid. Then pull back the handle and pretend to be a Go Jetter and launch the weather discs. Brightly coloured featuring not only the star emblem but lightning bolts and a picture of the four Go Jetters heroes on both sides.


The villain of the programme has his own vehicle the Grimbler – with iconic moustache that moves in and out as it moves along. This product requires adult assembly just to click it into place once opened (which cannot be reversed). Just like Glitch himself the Grimbler is orange and grey, and so is his accompanying Grimbot (who can be attached to either side of the Grimbler). Once out of the Grimbler there is also a pop-on booster for Glitch.

Available at Argos £14.99 and Smyths


The GO Jetters Vroomster has sounds and phrases from the show – including the theme song! It has a light up windshield and room for all 4 heroes to sit inside (comes complete with Xuli figure only), as well as being able to peg onto the pull out boosters. The Vroomster has 3 wheels to push it along before it takes off. Again with stars on representative of the Go Jetters. Batteries provided.

Available at Argos £24.99; and Smyths £24.99


This is just the ultimate GO Jetters toy! SO much playability with lights, sounds (including the theme tune), and places to hide and play. There are seats for all 4 heroes as well as a secret hangar room. It comes complete with a Kyan figure, 4 accessories (2 click on, a slide and stairs) and includes 3 “AAA” batteries. The GO Jetters Jet Pad can project images onto the back wall or out in front of the Jet Pad. Play with the Jet lid open or closed. All toys fit inside for easy storage.

Available at Argos £39.99 and Smyths


I was sent GO JETTERS toys for purposes of review. I am being financially compensated for the Twitter party. All opinions are honest and my own.