Santa’s Bloggers Nice List

One thing I am really grateful about blogging is the community which has given me the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people who I may not have otherwise known. They have supported me not just on my blogging journey but on my life journey. So many are so kind and giving and it really restores faith in a World that sometimes seems so wrong. This got me to thinking which Bloggers would make Santa’s NICE list this year. There are SO many so no offence if you haven’t made this short list – there’s still plenty of time before Christmas so the elves may not have got back and added you yet! Or maybe you’d like to go off and make your own Bloggers Nice List (feel free to take the graphic too).bloggers-on-the-nice-list

  • Annie Spratt – The mother of blogging – she certainly has always looked after so many of us. Supportive, non-judgmental and always sharing and caring of others.
  • Helen Wills – Despite difficulties going on in her own life she always has time for others – whether that is supportive advice, or raising awareness and funds for great causes such as diabetes.
  • Hayley Goleniowska – The massive steps that Hayley has helped make in the Down Syndrome Community are incredible – but even if you forget that Hayley is a wonderfully kind, caring and supportive friend – and very humble too.
  • Maggy Woodley – A very successful Blogger and now Vlogger – Maggy always finds time to support others and help them achieve greatness too.

RedTedArt Father Christmas Stars

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos – Despite having a farm and holiday village to run Fiona still finds time to encourage others to get their children outdoors whatever the weather. Those who are lucky to have met Fiona will also know what a friendly and warm lady she is.
  • Liz Weston – a true diamond. Liz will help anyone out in need and is a very good friend and person, as well as being a top quality professional.
  • Jax Blunt – so knowledgeable and always willing to help. Friendly and approachable.
  • Zoe Corkhill – again another blogger always offering help, going above and beyond.
  • Susan Mann – she is just lovely and always checking how everyone is.
  • Karen Whitlock for really getting into the spirit of the blogging community, her kindness and for introducing me to the idea of pudding club!Christmas Presents under the tree by Andrew Neel

Now I did have a few more but they came up when I asked a few other top bloggers who they thought and why and this is what they said:

  • Helen Neale has put Anya Harris on the nice list. Anya has been an amazing help to me and supportive since I first started blogging – as well as an all-round general nice person. Helen said,”Because she has been there for me when everything went very much wrong last year. And I love her for it.” Plus she added “I think you would definitely make the nice list too – you are always so thoughtful about others” and
  • Cat Parrott says definitely Becky Goddard-Hill – she’s such a star and always goes out of her way to support others even when she has a lot on her plate. I quite agree and no wonder she was crowned the Outstanding Blogger of the Year. Not only does she help others but she is always pushing herself too, standing as a shining example of how we can all make a better world. Maggy Woodley also wanted to add Becky because she is a nice as a person, tremendously supportive friend, always applauds and celebrates successes (without envy) and is on a mission to spread kindness via her many blogs, memes and products.
  • Maggy Woodley would also like to add Aly Hodge – because she is always there for everyone and willing to help. I want to add that she is always finding out new information about social media platforms and sharing that with others too. And also Marianne Weekes because Maggy doesn’t think she has ever heard her say a bad word about anyone, is always there full of support and hugs, whilst doing a grand job in her personal life.Father Christmas Nice List
  • Marianne Weekes has asked to make sure Karin Joyce is on there – for her continued philosophy of #embracehappy, she relentlessly helps others search for the positive each day by trail blazing herself. Also Kelly Innes because she has an enormous heart of gold.
  • Laura Seaton asked to nominate herself – I was going to put her on anyway but have to admire her confidence. Despite her life being more than tough at times she has never let it get her down and instead has helped others. She is kind, generous and sharing. She works really hard for the benefit of others. Laura said that she would also nominate me for looking after her.
  • Anna Ranson has added Cerys Parker for always being a great support and encouraging others.
  • Kirsty Hornblow agrees that of course the creator of The Kindness Elves, Anna obviously needs to go on the list herself too! Plus Kirsty says that also Penny Carr is on the nice list for sure as she is always busy helping others online and in real life with kindness, thrifty tips, beautiful stories. She genuinely cares about the world and the community xx
  • Helen Wills says that Penny Alexander is one of the nicest people around, very level-headed, annoyingly professional (she never gossips!) and very supportive of others. And Alice Hassall – who is always conscious of when someone is upset and pops up behind the scenes to offer a shoulder. I would like to add at how hard Alice works at the Blogon Conferences too.
  • Liz Burton says that if she had to single out one of the many epic bloggers that she knows it would be Tanya Barrow for all round loveliness, other third of Team Honk and generally taking time out of her busy life to check in on others and make sure people are ok.


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