Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit

The Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit from Mattel comes with over 35 pieces perfect for anyone starting or building on to their Hot Wheels Collection. The Power Boosters really allow the Hot Wheels vehicles to get the speed they need to do some fantastic tricks. The Kit allows you to build up to four different race tracks with the contents (or endless possibilities by adding it to your existing Hot Wheels Kits!). The Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit allows two boosters to run off one power source (great news for those having to sort out the batteries too!). This allows you to build the power boosters on top of each other and providing double the speed; side by side for races, or apart so that more than one car can keep going through the loops – or opposite ends racing with each car going through the loop.

I do love the different vehicles that come with each of the Kits and think it is part of the excitement of having a new set – the car is in the top of the box and can be seen before the product is even purchased. The  Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit includes one Hot Wheels Car – with a bright dark orange base, lighter orange around the sides; glass-effect see-through turquoise on the top with matching tyres. It also has markings on the “glass” of turquoise and orange, as well as the Hot Wheels Logo giving it all a sporty feel.Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit

This design is much sturdier than previous models including extra supports, which mean that the hoops do not sway with the fast speed that the boosters send the cars around at. Another improvement to this Hot Wheels Kit is that the packaging is much more environmentally friendly – with the box itself being able to use in play with various targets designed into the box itself. It is also easier to open, close and keep the contents secure without slipping out as it fully closes back up. There are also no fiddly stickers with this set – instead the Hot Wheels branding is moulded into the design and printed on cardboard strips. Plus the instructions are even easier to use – with plenty of clear visual instructions.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit is a great starter set, stand alone set, or additional set for boys and girls over the age of five. With a RRP £39.99 and is Available from:

Visit the Hot Wheels Website and find out more about the Kit, Learn about the cars and Play Games. To see the Tracks in action and keep up to date with Hot Wheels you can also visit the Hot Wheels You Tube Channel


I received a Hot Wheels Track Builder System Power Booster Kit for purposes of review.