Half Marathon Training – 12 Miles Week

This week I still wasn’t feeling it and genuinely feared that I could not run again. Much better than pre-sports massage when I could hardly walk. I missed running club again and actually I was meant to be on a rest week. By Wednesday I actually cycled to my friend’s house, to the school and home (she only lives a km away from my house). Thursday we walked to my husband’s Nan’s (the boys went on their scooters). Friday I went out for drinks with running club (a few too many drinks which saw me awake poorly throughout the night!) – but still managed to get up and go to Thorpe Park the next day! We had been asked to be ambassadors and it was such a beautiful sunny day and it would have been wrong not to have gone. We all had a lovely time and I walked lots and lots of steps.

After having such a bad week I saw a lady from running group asking if anyone was up to a 10-12 mile run with her on the Sunday. It was so so hot, but I agreed. She is training for the London Marathon and I learnt quite a bit from her. Although I ran out of water at about 8.6 miles and was very poorly when I finished. My Garmin died too! We took it nice and slowly and had to walk a short bit when my knee started to hurt. I was hardly able to stay awake when I got home.  I went to bed and slept for 12 hours. My heel hurt but apart from that I am pleased to say I managed the 12 miles.Half Marathon Training - 12 Miles Week

My very inspirational friend is tapering for the London Marathon and is in Portugal – he ran 21 miles in 2:25.20!

Thank you for the Sponsors so far I really appreciate it and it helps to keep me going.

The money is going to The Roses Theatre Tewkesbury who help the local community with many projects, including helping those who have suffered from Domestic Violence.