Christmas Craft from Recycled Lollipop Sticks


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snowflakes_lollipop sticks

I heart motherhood – Making our own Christmas decorations


Plus2point4 lollipop snowflakes


Crafts for Preschoolers Snowman Puppet


How do it Christmas Crafts


La classe della maestra valentina

Father Christmas

Here come the girls – Lollypop stick puppets

tree ornament

Momma’s Fun World Popscile Stick Christmas tree Ornament/frame


Two Big Two Little – Christmas Popsicle ornaments


Here Come the Girls – Nativity Sun Catchers

cuna closeup

Tercets – Keeping Christ in Christmas


What to Expect – Nativity Crafts for kids – Popsicle Stick Nativity

Other ideas:

Reindeer Frame


The craft below weren’t made from lollipop sticks but I think easily could be


Wild Olive – Printable ornaments for you

The source on Pinterest did not work for these below and I’d love to find it and tell them how fab they are.


Star craft also not from lollipop sticks but I think it could be.

And if you fancy some Non-Christmas craft with the sticks then check out the Google Hangout over on RedTedArt

Here are a couple of my favourite Non-Christmas lollipop stick crafts.


Here come the Girls – Fairy Wands


Kids’ Chaos – Lolly stick bi planes

For a bit of Science try – Science Sparks Racing Lolly Sticks  Surface Tension

If you are after getting outdoors try a Lolly stick boat – Me and My Shadow

Or make a CD plant protector – The Fairy and the frog

Or why not create a Bored jar – over on Frugal Family

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Craft from Recycled Lollipop Sticks”

  1. Very cute, especially the nativity, although I can’t believe I am going against my religion and reading a post about Christmas in July!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and for the invitation to the party!! I linked up 2 posts, one from my regular blog and one from my Christmas blog. Have you set the Theme for August yet?


  3. sorry mine are not chirstmassy but you could use green pesto and cheese to look more chirstmassy. i think mince meat might be nice an alternative to mince pies maybe at parties??? anyhow thanks for hosting x

  4. Thank you so much for featuring the manger my children made. I am looking forward to making some of these other crafts this year; what a wonderful list!

  5. Loads of great ideas – I especially love the nativity. Thanks for joining in the Monday Parenting Pin it PArty


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