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This bottle I received when I went to BlogonMOSI from the lovely Handpicked Collection– what has that got to do with starting school? Well there’s an awful lot to think about isn’t there.

At the time I was (and still am) fighting to get my son 1:1 support for the whole time he is at school, for one. I think it is ridiculous that they have acknowledged that he needs support at all times (as suggested by the fact that they have covered lunchtimes) but yet wont fund the 30 hrs he is there. I keep hearing how “lucky” we are that he has been given 20 hrs, and I’d also like to hope that he will be okay without support – but it not only frightens me to death but the school have said to only send him in part-time.

I’m very very grateful to the amazing playgroup who helped us get this far and they also made a photo book (showing him in playgroup and the same situation at school). We have been looking at it now and then over the Summer. It’s hard because when we do he gets upset and his behaviour isn’t as ‘easy’ – but it’s important to do as I cannot imagine how he would be when he starts otherwise.

 That and the fact that no-one has done anything about difficulties with his hand up until me pestering now (the OT was very nice and helpful though). She has given me a Sensory Profile Questionnaire – so that it may be easier to get him a diagnosis (if he has SPD obviously – I think he does). Of course we are still waiting for the specialist to see if he is diagnosed as Autistic – but hey his brother was 10 and never had a statement – so it is all going well.

So what’s with the bottle? It’s actually part of the “normal” stuff to do with starting school – in that it reminded me of a milk bottle. I stuck it in the bathroom and put my toothbrush in it – as a reminder that I really needed to register my son for free milk. I’ve since managed to get the uniform!  Now just the shoe shopping!



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  1. Wow. What a story. I really hope he gets the support he requires.

    The start of school soon comes around. We never bothered with the milk as Aly never had it. Out of the whole class only 4 children had it.

    Thank you for linking up

  2. God I hope I’ve done the milk form! It is shocking the hoops the teachers and parents needs to go through to get children the support; 75% of the time it’s not the school, it’s the higher powers! I hope he copes well with the 20 hours, I’m only sorry it’s not more. Truth be told the LSA will probably work him so hard that he’ll be grateful for the break!

    Popping over via OneDad3Girls’ My Sunday Photo.

  3. It astounds me the lengths we have to go to as parents to get the correct support for our children. Nothing is ever handed on a plate (as it should be in my opinion), I had to fight for every extra hour Logan recieves, it is reviewed 6 monthly at the moment. I will fight again if they try to remove it. HE needs someone there at all times to ensure his safety!

  4. Starting school is a scary time for both parent and child. I just hope they have everything in place for your son when he starts. My son doesn’t need additional support as such, he justs needs to be challenged. He’s moving to primary 2 this week but he’s going to P2-3 to do P3 work. It was that or have him in a class of P2s with his own learning plan and I wasn’t prepared for them to turn around one day and say sorry we haven’t got the staff to do his learning plan for him this week. The stresses we have to go through as parents, eh?!

  5. It must be frustrating to be told your son needs this support and yet it’s difficult to secure it. I do hope it gets rectified soon, I’m sure it will. Sounds like the playgroup have been brilliant. It’s nice to know you still get free milk, I remember that from when I was young. That was a very long time ago! Thank you for linking up to #whatsthestory

  6. Good luck! Keep pushing for that support. It will be interesting to hear he gets on and I hope it goes smoother than you are anticipating.
    I keep getting email reminders to sign up for my son’s milk, but he’s gone off it. As he’s going into year 5 now I’m happy to save my money!

  7. I will be thinking of you and him and hoping he gets all the support he needs to thrive as he should but with you as a mother I’m sure he will.
    Don’t get me started on shoes! xx


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