Advent Calendar Giveaways #GuestPost

Add some extra sparkle this Christmas with the £1,900 KiddyCharts advent calendar giveaways
online-advent-calendar-badgeToday we have a guest on the blog. It is Helen Neale who has popped down the chinmey from the KiddyCharts and Stickers, Stars and Smiles blogs. She has two children, and writes about them on both blogs. Her site is a little more serious, and she even offers sensible and pertinent advice their occasionally. Along with a few personalised kids charts as well. The stickersstarsandsmiles blog is a bit more messy; crumbs and clothes everywhere. This is a much more personal journey, giving a few insights on being a work at home parent and all the joy and chaos this brings. Oh, and the amount of diet coke and wine needed to get through it all of course…

Hi to all Pinkoddy readers. So nice of you to host me on here. I brought a space hopper to make you feel at home. Don’t spill the tea though…

I am here to share with you something that I am rather excited about. I am trying not to bounce too wildly on that space hopper, but I really am rather chuffed about it all…

My kids are 6 and 8 years old. After a bit of faffing around trying to make a rather big job work with two very small babies; I gave up. KiddyCharts was created to enable me to work and be a mum. As a result, it became a website for other parents like me to go to for advice. Not just that; we have some personalised kids’ charts on there too. We sell anything from five-a-day charts, to some rather lovely design your own reward charts which enable you to pick a behaviour that suits your child’s challenges.

Since we started nearly a year ago, we have found our progress based reward charts are the most popular with visitors.

With this in mind, we have been sprinkling glitter all over the office, and getting out the decorations so we could create an advent calendar. based on one of these charts.

We love him, and we hope you do too….


It isn’t an ordinary KiddyChart though – oh no. It is a special one, Inside every present is a life-size Olly Murs…un-wrapped and ready to go for Christmas.

No – there isn’t, he is far too busy for us; though I am sure he’d love us…

What I mean to say is that we have some wonderful giveways inside each present for you. With a total of £1,900 worth of goodies to give away from now until the 31st December.

Everyday we have worked hard to get you something new and exciting, starting with the 1st of December *shock horror,* where we offered a Micro Scooters. Every day after that we have had some new prizes for you, including vouchers for Experience Days, and Truprint.

Each giveaway is open for a week, so even the first one isn’t closed until Sunday 8th December, so you have plenty of time to get in there and get winning! You can visit the advent calendar competition page now. You have to be in it to win it after all.

If you want to make sure that you hear of each giveaway as it happens, then do sign up for the mailing list to get a daily alert on the prizes as they are released:

Pop along and see me. I might even have a mince pie for you when you come visit. You never know, you could get an extra little something for yourself or one of your family. *see you over there.*

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