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It is that time of year again when people start voting for their favourite blogs for The MAD Blog Awards. I have made no secret of the fact that one of my core beliefs is that no one likes me. I know this must sound ridiculous as I have so much support, but really it is a deep rooted belief that I must fight against every day. This is not a sob story so please do not take it as one. Of course the kind replies, and people telling me that they do does help, but it is not a cry for attention. I wish people could just tell me and it would be like waving a magic wand and I go “oh right, great thanks.” I wish I could snap out of it, or “Get over myself,” as some very kind people have suggested. But still, I soldier on.

MAD Blog Awards

This belief of course also extends to my blog. I write it for me, and if I’m extremely honest my boys benefit from it enormously (not just in terms of free stuff to review but in the fact that it helps me make sureI do spend lots of quality time with them). I think that at times like The MADs it is hard for those of us who do not feel very popular, or who suffer from depression. Some of us may not wish to take part, for not wanting to face the fear of rejection (although I am sure it is not that our blogs are rejected it is just such a HARD choice to make with so many amazing blogs out there!).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Review

But I urge you, if you do feel like this – add the badge – you may be like me, surprised to have been nominated in so many categories! (Although thank you for the baby nomination but really, no thank you lol). I cannot thank each and every one of you who has nominated me enough. I doubt I will receive enough votes to be short-listed but that doesn’t matter, because my blog(s) were liked enough for you to pickΒ mine (out of what 10,000 blogs!). To like my blog surely you must like me too – right!

So thank you, thank you, thank you.

winter at the beach

To read why Claire feels I should be nominated in the Outstanding award brought tears to my eyes – and is much more confidently written about why you should vote for me than I ever could. Thank you Claire this post I will treasure.

Personally I think this blog best fits Family Fun – but there’s a lot of competition. I’m not confident enough to opt for best writer, blog of the year etc – but any votes are truly appreciated in any category I qualify (thank you for Best Baby but erm no, no babies here).

I would love if it TheSensorySeeker could get more votes just because it would be fantastic to find more parents who are effected by disabilities and hopefully we can all help each other.

I shall not share with you who I have voted for as it should be your choice, and it was so hard for me to decide that I do not wish to miss anybody out. It is lovely to see people coming together as a community though and telling people why they think their blogs are so great, because sometimes I think we work so dam hard that we do not have time to just stop and reflect about what it is we are doing.

Mr Blobby Sport Relief

Without wanting to cause absolute favouritism I do wish for you to consider a vote for Team Honk – which covers so many bloggers – not just those who have physically taken part in the relay, but all of us who have supported it.

team honk go beyond their fund raising target

Once again thank you very much for anyone who has voted for me. Best of luck to everyone.

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16 thoughts on “The MAD Blog Awards Pinkoddy”

  1. Oh you love muffin – thank you for the Honk mention and congrats on the nominations – is it really bad that I wish I’d have thought to nominate you in the Baby category for comedy effect? Maybe someone thought that Blobby was a giant baby πŸ˜‰ xxx

  2. Your Blobby pictures made me laugh so much you should get a Honk Award for best comedy relay outfit and only participant to ride in a police car! You are wonderful and your blog is wonderful. I have had the privilege to meet you in person a few times now and you are kind, warm, funny, beautiful and intelligent. Fingers crossed for the MADs you certainly deserve it xx

  3. I think you rock, if you want to believe it or not. You are an amazing person and we all go through tough times and self-doubt. Good luck for the awards. I have everything crossed for you, my lovely x

  4. Oh Joy it was lovely to meet you last year at Britmums LIVE! I think you put a lot of genuine hard work into your blogs, so be proud to be nominated.One of the highlights of Team Honk relay was your Mr.Blobby costume.

  5. yaaaay!!! you should feel very bloody proud of yourself and this amazing blog – you put so much time and effort into it , and i think you are such a good mum too. and this is why i voted for you πŸ™‚
    good luck , you desrve it x x

  6. You deserve the nominations as much as anyone – some might say more, for all that you give πŸ™‚ those Blobby pictures will always make me smile and I second the Team Honk suggestion – what a supergroup! Good luck with the awards, hope you get there xx

  7. Congratulations on your very well deserved nominations! And what a lovely generous post this is. Can you please promise that if you make it to the finals, you’ll wear the Blobby suit on the night?! xx

  8. Thank you! It was far easier to write about how brilliant my favourite blogs are than it would have been to write about my own blog, even if my life had depended on it! I also love writing references for friends and colleagues, as I always have lots of positive things to say that I haven’t had the opportunity to tell the person before, but I hate writing my own personal statement or attending job interviews!

    I also always feel like noone likes me, and have done my whole life. At school, I liked to have one friend at a time who I would confide everything to, but genuinely from a young age assumed that noone else in my school liked me. I was happy though as I lived in books and my imagination (still do tbh!).

    Over the years, I have realised that a lot of it is just paranoia and I try to ignore it, but it does surface from time to time, Also as I get older, I am meeting more people who tell me that they feel this way too, which helps, and I sometimes like to imagine that everyone feels this way!

    I love to read about the blogs that other bloggers read as we all read different ones, so it was an honour to tell readers which ones I like to read too.

    Team Honk are amazing and I loved the moment when they won at the Bibs last year. Everyone in the room was ecstatic, and this year we have all been even more physically involved so it is special to us all.

    Your Mr Blobby Costume was amazing! Wow! I’ve just seen the total too!

    Good luck with all your nominations and awards, but more importantly, you write a fabulous blog which so many people love, and you are an amazing person and a wonderful mum, never forget that! πŸ™‚




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