Go Jetters Twitter Party

Go Jetters Twitter Party The Set Up

The invitations were sent out and next it was time to get the room ready for the party.  I placed the new Go Jetters toys from Fisher-Price out by the television so that our party guests could play with them whilst watching the DVD from the BBC. Some of the activities involved the children coming together but others they could do as individuals – having it all set out gave them that flexibility.Go Jetters Twitter Party

On the table I laid out the ingredients and apparatus required to make their own Go Jetters Party Biscuits, a bowl of flying saucers each, and on the other side (it folds down) I attached the Go Jetter Vroomster poster and put the stickers and blindfold on the table ready. There was also a free play area which had colouring pencils, a Go Jetters: Passport to Adventure Sticker Book from Penguin Books. Location cards were hidden around the room and clues to find them drawn up! Finally the GO Jetters Bingo game was set up in another area – ready for all the children to come together before receiving their goody bags and saying goodbye (these were ready by the front door).

Guests Arriving to Go Jetters Twitter Party watching the DVD

As the guests arrived they were directed over to play with the GO Jetter Fisher-Price toys – which they loved. Once everyone had arrived the Go Jetters DVD was put on and we all started watching The Eiffel Tower episode. Everyone was transfixed. When we came to The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt episode (where Glitch shrinks the pyramid so that he can have the biggest one for his game) the children noticed that there was a Sphinx Go Jetters Figure!Go Jetters Sphinx selfie

Guests deciding on which Go Jetter Activity they would like to take part in

Children then did individual things for what took their fancy – either carrying on watching the DVD, playing with the Go Jetters toys, colouring in/spot the difference/sticker book, decorating biscuits or attempting to put a sticker of their chosen Go Jetter hero in the Vroomster (poster) whilst blindfolded!Go Jetters activities

Go Jetters Jet Pad Location Hunt

The Go Jetters Jet has a fantastic projection feature, as well as pictures that show as glitched or unglitched. A great way to demonstrate this toy is with this hunt game. I had hidden 5 Location cards around the living room and devised clues as where to find the next one. The children had to find the locations and then work out where the location was – matching it with the projected location in the Jet Pad. The children were then asked where they thought they were – and it was great how much they must have picked up from the DVD. Once they got the answer correct they were told some fascinating facts about it.GO Jetters Landmark Hunt game

Go Jetters Weather Bingo

The Go Jetters Weather Launcher is a fantastic fun toy and what better way to introduce it than through a game of weather bingo. This game teaches the children how to identify different types of weather, as well as concentrating and marking off the right tiles. There were wooden weather disks provided and we decided to turn them all over with the picture facing the floor. Then we took it in turns to reveal a weather disk, marking them off our bingo sheets with coloured buttons.Go Jetters Weather launcher

Go Jetters Goodbyes and Party bags

The time had come for the end of the party and guests said their goodbyes, were thanked and given goody bags to take home (including their own Go Jetters figure!). I am sure they will be tuning in to watch Go Jetters weekdays on CBeebies at 5:45pm.


I received things required to run the Twitter party and have been financially compensated. Opinions are honest and my own.

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