Lottery Winners from Gloucestershire

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Home to over 200 millionaires, and thousands of other winners who scooped prizes of over £50,000, the South West England is the eighth luckiest region in the UK, according to a study by the National Lottery. However, this does not mean that the region does not have its share of lotto millionaires. Only Gloucestershire is home to some of the top winners the UK National Lottery made through its most popular games, Lotto and EuroMillions. Some have exciting stories that many all of us dream of winning the lottery, but there are also those for whom hitting the jackpot turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing. Let’s look at some of these stories!lottery winners

The EuroMillions Jackpot Winners from Gloucestershire

The luckiest Gloucestershire inhabitants are probably Justine Laycock and Nigel Page. The couple living close to Cirencester matched the winning numbers of a £113 million EuroMillions draw back in 2010, pocketing half of the jackpot – a mouth-watering £56 million.  Right after the win, they tied the knot in secret. Then they took their three kids from previous relations and three other relatives to a luxury vacation in the United Arab Emirates, where they paid £70,000 for an exclusive party at the Atlantis Palm Resort.

As far as their purchases go, the Pages were very active in the real estate market. First, they donated their £400k former four-bedroom home to their cleaner, Denise Kelso, and moved to an eco-friendly £4 million mansion. But, Justine soon got bored with the carbon-neutral house featuring a 25-seat cinema and indoor pool. Longing for a new interior design project, the two splurged on a £6 million five-bedroom Cotswolds mansion in Bibury. The new property stands on 23 acres of land and boasts a reception hall, drawing room, dining room, sitting room, and guest accommodation.

Is this what living a good life means? Many think so. For instance, Nigel’s former wife, who had left him 10 years before the win, sued him trying to get a share of his money. The disputed was settled out of court with Mr. Page’s former securing a payout of £2 million. Legal experts explained that if there is no “clean break” clause in the divorce, former spouses can stake a claim to future earnings or wealth.

The Gloucester EuroMillions Syndicate

Although not one of the top syndicates to have won EuroMillions prizes, seven co-workers from Hanman Surface Technology (HST) certainly enjoyed the £284,508.40  prize they won for matching the 5 numbers and one Lucky Star. After playing the lottery together for seven years, their routine paid out as each of the syndicate members took home £40,629.77 each. During the ceremony, some of the syndicate members talked about seeing their lifetime dream of traveling to New Zealand come true.Lottery winners

Winning the lottery twice by mistake

Sometimes being forgetful pays off. This was the case for Mr. Ladner and his wife Dawn. The couple forgot that they had already bought a ticket with their usual numbers, and purchased another one. To their surprise, the mid-week Lotto draw or July 11th, 2007 brought them not one, but two of the five shares in the £2,395,710 jackpot. The lucky couple pocketed close to £1 million, £958,284 to be more precise.



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