UK Festivals 2014 Outside of London

lattitude festival

UK Festivals 2014 Outside of London So you fancy going to a Festival but don’t want to go to London. This post was hugely inspired by Mammasaurus DO go check out her blog for more information on festivals. Special thanks for letting me use her images – do click on them to go back to … Read more

LolliBop and London Festivals 2014


LolliBop and London Festivals 2014 Ever since I took two of my boys to London on my own we have grown in confidence to travel and explore the UK’s largest city. There felt like a lot of hype about Festivals last year and so I was determined that this year we would not miss out. … Read more

How to Save Money on Festival Food when Camping

Festival foods are delicious, and definitely part of the experience. However, they can be quite costly, especially if you are there for a whole weekend. When camping at a festival you can get a harmonious balance of trying tasty foods and brining some along with you! Festival Food when Camping Made Easy When it comes … Read more

Family Festival Experience: An Ultimate Guide for a Memorable Time

When it comes to creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones, few experiences compare to a family festival. Packed with excitement, music, and camaraderie, a family festival offers a perfect opportunity to bond and have a fantastic time together. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential elements you need to make your family … Read more

Why Standon Calling Festival is the Ultimate Family Experience

We were invited to Standon Calling Festival this year and last. Standon Calling Festival is a remarkable event that perfectly blends music, arts, and community spirit. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the vibrant world of Standon Calling and explore why it has become one of the most beloved festivals around. From its captivating … Read more

Wychwood Festival With Thanks to Active Impact

This year we headed along to Wychwood Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse. Active Impact and Gloucestershire Parent Carer Forum had this opportunity in order to help make Wychwood inclusive. Finding Wychwood Festival We have never been to Wychwood Festival but are well aware of where Cheltenham Racecourse is so didn’t think we would have any trouble … Read more

Menopause Lifestyle Changes You Need To Know About Now

Unless you’re already doing them, menopause lifestyle changes are something that should be thought about long before the perimenopause even starts. In fact they are really something that should be considered by those in their 30s at least! Menopause is actually the day when there has been an absence of periods for a year. However … Read more

How Easy HRT is to Increase with Returning Symptoms

For those who have been following my HRT journey here is an update since my last HRT review. For context I started HRT in June and the review was in September. Recap of My HRT Journey and About Me For those unfamiliar I have been suffering for years with perimenopause symptoms. Actually the first time … Read more

Standon Calling Festival Review of Free Entertainment for Teens

Standon Calling Festival is great for Teens with plenty to keep them entertained. Previously I have written about how family friendly a festival it is but here is a discussion on the free entertainment which may appeal to teens. This was a gifted trip. When it comes to festivals teens seem to be quite forgotten … Read more

Standon Calling Suitability for the Whole Family #Review

Standon Calling has everything I could ask for in a family friendly festival. Because being family friendly is more than not having people behave badly it’s about the example you are setting to the next generation! This was a gifted trip. Standon Calling Suitability for Families If you are looking for a family friendly festival … Read more