parkrun Tourism Reviews by a Jeffer

We have started to do a bit more parkrun tourism and therefore adding reviews to the site. Thought it may be a good idea to add them all to one page.

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Listed alphabetically for ease. Colour coordinated by area. Short description to remind me which footwear we will need if we head there. Finally a little bit about the course.

Each of the posts also has stats taken from the time we did the course. This includes:

·        Female and male course record.

·        How many finishers under 30 minutes.

·       Best age grading.

·        The range of finish times.

Also I will have mentioned any parkrun challenges that I ticked off at the time.

parkrun finish token

  • Dudley parkrun, West Midlands. Be prepared to get dirty. Trail shoes most likely but there is track running too.
  • Gloucester City parkrun, Gloucestershire
  • On path, flat (trainers may get dirty if going onto the grass to overtake)


  • Worcester parkrun,
    • Mix of path, grass and woodland. Mix of flat with slight inclines

More parkrun tourism review posts will be added as we go along. If you ever see me at parkun please do come and say hello. You can usually find me where Tikiboo clothing or my new Flanci moo-ve it skort!

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