Grangemoor parkrun, Cardiff – The Perfect Tourism for IKEA

We headed to Grangemoor parkrun, Cardiff in Wales. This is a parkrun conveniently close to an IKEA. If ever you need a reason to visit! Personally it was the last letter I needed on the Staying Alive challenge!

Grangemoor parkrun, Cardiff

Grangetown, Cardiff, CF11 0SR

Grangemoor parkrun Location and Facilities

Grangemoor parkrun is just across the road from ASDA and the McDonalds. There are no toilets at the park and so you need to visit a business such as ASDA or McDonalds to use one.

We did have a little issue finding our way into the carpark as we headed towards the ASDA petrol station – but that is the other side of the road.

There were plenty of parkrun participants heading over and so we just followed. Everyone was very friendly. Even saw some with matching Flanci moo-ve it skort! Also someone just knew that I was after 50 parkruns in a year funny enough!

First Timers

Even though we arrived in time we missed all but the tail-end of the first timers briefing. The start isn’t up by the sign where people were gathered and the briefing was down by the start. Also the main briefing was a lot louder. I was able to ask questions okay though.

Grangemoor parkrun, Cardiff

Grangemoor parkrun Course

The Grangemoor parkrun course is two laps of the T-shaped tarmac section of the Ely Trail and the Northern Boundary Path of Grangemoor Park.

It is an out and back means that participants are able to see people of varying speeds along the course. Good for groups to cheer one another on, and generally giving the parkrun community feel.

Also it is quite narrow – especially given that there are runners in both directions. However, there was a participant with a side by side double pushchair this week. Plus dogs on short leads are welcome but it could be quite difficult.

Accessibility of the Course

Visually impaired participants have found the course challenging due to the fact that they have required to be staggered rather than two abreast on parts of the course. Although we saw someone with a guide runner vest on running with a pacer managing very well this week.

Grangemoor park parkrun course is mostly flat with one tiny incline (which you obviously go down and back up twice). The other thing to note was that parts of the path were very muddy and difficult to avoid due to the out-and-back nature of the course. This made it quite tricky in my fracture boot! But obviously possible.

Grangemoor parkrun no way back

Once you have finished the course there is no returns along the path. You need to use the top gate. We were unaware of this until after my husband had finished. There is a sign but we didn’t see it until too late.

My Experience in a Fracture Boot

Overtaking was pretty difficult at Grangemoor parkrun so I couldn’t imagine I would have been able to Jeff very efficiently. Saying that it was a very well marshalled course with plenty of support all the way round.

Think people were impressed with my walking speed (in a fracture boot) and do believe Jeffing has got a lot to do with this.

Pinkoddy at Grangemoor parkrun in a fracture boot

Personally I found the finish and where to go for lap 2 a little confusing (especially as finishers were running both sides of the cones to finish on the lap ahead of me). Again marshals very kindly help guide me.

Other Things to Note

Grangemoor parkrun have pacers – check their Facebook page, they alternate between odd and even numbers and aren’t every week. I think it is the first Saturday of the month. At the start of Grangemoor parkrun they ask that you line up in accordance with your expected finish time – pacers made this easier.

Pacers at Grangemoor parkrun

It was nice that there was a photographer there this week. Finally it was great that were able to pick up a copy of the parkrun magazine. Incidentally, which has a discount code for the bands which we have been considering for the teens!

Grangemoor parkrun Stats

For the full circle event (that’s 360 to you) there were 199 participants. Results ranged in time from 17:27 to 56:05 minutes.

117 of those were in a time of sub 30.  At that point the average time overall (for all 360 parkruns) was 28:04.

There were five people were brand new to parkrun. Welcome Tom Browne, Tom Williams, Matt Howells, Lewis Pitman, Elin Sutton.

Well done to Al Dage and Paul Rapley returning to Grangemoor parkrun for their second parkruns and both getting a PB!

The highest age grade (79.10%) for event 360 was Robert Evans in the category VM 70-74.

Volunteers at Grangemoor parkrun Event 360

Sally ANDERTON, Eli BARRINGTON, Jac BARRINGTON, Joanna BARRINGTON, Marcus Lee BIGGS, Elin BLAKE, Richard CARR, Dean CLARK, Rhydian DARCY, Dafydd Trystan DAVIES, Lynne EVANS, Tony GORE, Paul HAMPSHIRE, Emma HARRIS, Jamie HAYES, Dylan HENDERSON, Tracey HINTON, Rebecca INGLIS, Rhys Wyn JONES, Sian LIA, Asa MALMSTEN, Sarah O’CARROLL, Edward OWEN, Nilushi PERERA, Katie PETERSON, Gareth PHILLIPS, Scott PLACE, Kirsty PRITCHARD, Elizabeth RANDALL, Richard SKYRME, Gwenno THOMAS, Pierre VICTOR–LEMAIRE, Georgia WILSON, Iain WILSON, Stephen WOOD

Tail walker at Grangemoor parkrun

Grangemoor parkrun is 3 miles away from Cardiff parkrun.

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