How to Save Money when Living in Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation is one of the most significant expenses faced with going to University. Let’s face it student life has always been known for living on a budget, but with the current cost of living crisis it is even more important than ever to save wherever possible. Advertorial Piece University years will undoubtedly hold the … Read more

January Spends – How Well My Trying Not to Spend Went!

Spoiler alert our January Spends were still high despite trying to cut back in order to catch up on my post Christmas Credit card bill! This January I decided to try to cut back on spending. In order to help with this I wrote down every time I spent money. Then I added on the … Read more

Tips for Saving Money on Clothes

saving money on clothes by buying second hand

With the costing of living crisis most of us are having to tighten our belts. Therefore, we thought it was a good idea to look at where our money went. From this I have had a really good think about how we could be saving money on spending and generated these tips for saving money … Read more

Saving Water in the Home

tap running water

Recently our water provider installed a Water Meter stating that we could carry on paying the way we are on a fixed rate that but in the near future everyone will be charged for the amount of water they use. After some research I discovered we are at risk of many, if not most, people … Read more

How to do Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget

How to do Disneyland Paris on a Small Budget

Disneyland Paris – The Magic is Much Cheaper than you Think I have just visited Disneyland Paris again during our visit to France. It was a full day in the park. We arrived there a little bit later than I would have liked (ie not as soon as the park opened) but left at midnight. … Read more

Money Saving ideas you Should Know About

gas hob

With the cost of living going up then a lot of us are looking for money saving ideas. My first thoughts were to delete Fortnite and shower at the gym but then I thought that people may need some serious ideas. Cut back on your Gas & Electricity Bill If you aren’t already on a … Read more