Parents Guide to Teens on Instagram

Parent influencers at Instagram

Instagram invited us along to let us know what they are doing to keep us safe online, particularly in terms of their teenage users. The trouble with parenting is that there wasn’t the issues with technology for young people when we were growing up. Instagram have launched new resources in collaboration with parenting experts, parenting … Read more

3 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use LinkedIn

3 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use LinkedIn

Whether you use LinkedIn or not I am going to share with you just 3 Reasons Why Bloggers should use LinkedIn. I have to admit that when I signed up for LinkedIn I didn’t know what I was doing and just let my blog posts publish to it. I remember telling someone that I was … Read more

Flowers of Instagram

bunch of tulips

Flowers are so beautiful and it is great to see them still brightening up the world even through the brown and orange days of autumn. The floral community on Instagram is such a beautiful niche and . I think people are so creative with their flower shots, as well as just capturing their natural beauty. … Read more

Outdoors and Happy – Why Getting Outdoors is Good for you

outdoors and happy

Getting outdoors gives a boost to your mental and physical well-being. To encourage this myself and Becky decided what better Instagram Community to create than one that enjoys getting outdoors and feeling happy. Now over 5,000 pictures have linked up on the #OutdoorsandHappy hashtag on Instagram and the community continues to grow stronger and stronger. … Read more

PRs Am I reading your E-mail?

pr blogger relations

There used to be a time whereby I would reply to every e-mail which I received. It was considered the polite thing to do and you never knew when that same contact may be just who you need. As a blogger this is particularly relevant to keep in mind with PRs moving around between companies … Read more

Pinkoddy Blog On Ice Breaker

Pinkoddy Blog On Ice Breaker

Pinkoddy Blog On Ice Breaker 1. This is me (honestly it is a really uncanny likeness): 2. If you had to describe yourself in three words……. Odd, Honest and Reliable. 3. How long have you been blogging and what made you start? Is it 5 years this year ( August)? I really have forgotten. I … Read more

MAD Blog Awards Best Use of Photography

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2015

There have been some very tough times these last 6 months. Things I would never in a million years would or even could happen to us, and I pray they never happen again. Life has been so awful and it isn’t something I can talk about – and that makes things even harder for me. … Read more

YouTube: Bloggers Beginners Guide

Bloggers are good as they are (mostly) honest. People build relationships with them and come to trust them. The next step from that (other than actually meeting them) is for the blogger (or now vlogger) to show their audience. Whether that is to discuss a topic and allow their body language to be seen, or … Read more