The MAD Blog Awards 2014

The MAD Blog Awards 2014

The MAD Blog Awards 2014. What an amazing and inspirational night. I got to meet and mingle with the top bloggers. In fact there were only 75 finalists out of 6,500 nominated. It was great to see some of the bloggers I have really get to know, and follow receive some much deserved awards, whilst … Read more

Bloggers on Instagram Tips

bloggers on instagram

There has been a sudden interest in the blogging community to discover Instagram. I have to admit that if you had asked me what I thought of it last year I did not have a clue. I did not like the idea of having my raw photos exposed to the World, without so much as … Read more

I am Good Enough


The theme I felt throughout this year’s BritmumsLive was definitely learn to like yourself. Blogging is a journey and with the voice it gives it also helps with self-development and confidence. From taking that first journey to London alone, battling the tube, to actually having your blog recognised. That if you are good enough then … Read more

Lego Photography Wyldstyle

Lego Photography Wyldestyle

Lego Photography with Wyldstyle was inspired by Eurovision winner bearded lady Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst. I simply changed Wyldstyle’s head to one with a bit of facial hair, she is also wearing sunglasses as we were venturing into the garden on a hot day. My family and I have become more and more into playing with Lego … Read more

I’m going to Blog On Mosi

Pinkoddy - her name is Joy

Name – Joy Blog url – and Twitter – @Pinkoddy Facebook – Pinkoddy Location – Near the bar? Bra size – only kidding Kids? – I have enough with the 4 I have Favourite food? eggs Tea or coffee? Tea, white no sugar please. Cat or Dog? Neither thank you. Left handed or right handed? … Read more

Password Security – How Safe is Yours?

password security - how safe is your password @pinkoddy

Password Security – What information can be accessed through your password? Have you ever thought about your password security –  what could happen if someone accessed your password? Take a look inside your e-mail account and see what personal or confidential information you have lying there, or of sentimental value. Do you have contact from … Read more

Photo Copyright – When are photos free to use?

Photo copyright make sure you own it or have permission before using an image @pinkoddy

Photo Copyright – When are Photos free to use? I first became aware of photo copyright when I ran an msn group. There was a lot of debating about people typing Pooh Bear into Google, images popping up that it was assumed were free to use, not occurring to anyone that there were any photo … Read more

What is your Worth and How is it Measured?

WHAT IS YOUR WORTH AND HOW IS IT MEASURED? Lately there’s been an overwhelming lot of information about money (some conflicting) when it comes to blogging, and even for someone like me (who has been blogging for almost 2 years), it is often confusing. This post covers what is the law, before we consider “what … Read more

Cybher Make Love not War

If there’s one thing I came away from Cybher* with it is the message that we should all make love – and not start wars. An inspiring first Keynote speech by Zoe Margolis talking about Cyber bullying and how she was treated because she was a woman who wrote about sex. That what we ought … Read more


Are you relatively new to the internet/wonderful world of texting? Or do you just get lost with abbreviations? Well back by popular demand is this list of translations. New ones are: FML = F**k my life! LLS = Love you like a sister SB = Smile back ILY = I love you YOLO = You only … Read more