Snowie and Jazzie filled Santa Buckets – Teacher Gifts

Snowie and Jazzie filled Santa Buckets - Teacher Gifts

Despite the fact that many people think that teachers have it easy, with lots of holidays, it simply isn’t true. They work REALLY hard and have taken on one of the most important jobs of teaching our children – not only the educational stuff but they reinforce the morals, manners and values that (hopefully) have … Read more

Christmas Hamper Inspiration

Christmas Hamper Inspiration at Wilko

Christmas Hamper Inspiration When you have someone special in your life but don’t know what to buy them for Christmas I think a Christmas Hamper is a great idea. I think when you put them together yourself it makes them even more special as you can really tailor it to the reciprocant. Last year we made a … Read more

Lego Top Christmas Toys

Lego Top Christmas Toys

Now the children are going back to school you may start to be thinking about Christmas. It is around now that you can grab some really good bargains. If you know what you are after that is even better. Lego itself is always going to be in the top toys for Christmas but it is interesting … Read more

Robotic Stegosaurus Review

robotic stegosaurus

About the Stegosaurus Dinosaurs are possibly one of the most appealing historical things to children. The Stegosaurus, with its distinctive row of kite-shaped plates rising vertically along its back, is one of the most easily identifiable of the dinosaurs. Pronounced STEG-oh-sore-us this plant eater lived about 150 million years ago in the Jurassic Period. Its … Read more

Pop Chef Shaping Food

pop chef

When it comes to our children there are just some things we are naturally drawn to worry about, and diet is one of those things. It all begins when we make the decision whether to breast or formula feed, and this is just the start. When to wean, how to wean, what to wean with! … Read more