Pop Chef Shaping Food

pop chef

When it comes to our children there are just some things we are naturally drawn to worry about, and diet is one of those things. It all begins when we make the decision whether to breast or formula feed, and this is just the start. When to wean, how to wean, what to wean with! … Read more

Trash Wheels Junkyard Playset & Litter Bugs #Review

Trash Wheels Junkyard Playset

My boys loved the Trash Packs from Flair that I brought home from the Toy Fair in London. So they were really excited to hear that we were going to be reviewing the Wheels Junkyard and a pack of (2) Litter Bugs. My 6 year old knew all about the fact that the Gross Gang … Read more

Jungle Speed Safari #Review & #Giveaway

Jungle Speed Safari Review & Giveaway

Jungle Speed Safari is a compact game that can easily be taken on your travels, with all the pieces fitting into a small bag provided. Jungle Speed Safari consists of 42 cards, 5 differently coloured totems (each with a different picture of food on them), a rule book and the bag to keep them all … Read more

Discworld Ankh Morpork Board Game #Review

Discworld Ankh Morpork

 I was pleased to hear that Esdevium Games have two board games for sale from his favourite author Terry Pratchett: Witches and Discworld Ankh Morpork. It may be down to the fact that I’m not one, but I find it particularly difficult to buy for men. There’s only so many times you can buy them chocolate, smellies, socks and a new dressing … Read more