Great Gifts for Teens under a Tenner #AD

If your teens are anything like mine then they don’t come cheap! What better way to bulk out that expensive present than with Great Gifts for Teens under a Tenner! Or maybe you are looking for a gift idea for something for a Secret Santa, stocking fillers or just something they can give to their friends.

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Great Gifts for Teens under a Tenner with picture of Christmas Gifts and a tree in the background

Wicked Uncle have a great selection for all ages. You just need to decide what sort of gift you want to buy. You can search by gender, age or all. In fact not all teens will fit into gifts that may come up by gender so it is well worth bearing this in mind when deciding.

What Kind of Gifts Do Teens Want?

Teens these days are influenced by what the biggest trends are. Indeed these can shift at lightning speed as things are forever changing as influenced by social media influencers. You can find out who they are following on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to try to keep up to date. Therefore it is a good idea to talk to them about who they are following.

gifts for teens influenced by social media - picture of iphone with social media apps

Indeed the categories that most of the gifts teens will want come under food, games, books, sports gift, music/gamer/influencer merch, designer clothing, tech, décor, beauty, bags, jewellery and accessories.

Food Ideas for Teens Under a Tenner

For example you could just buy tubs of chocolate and sweets, but you may want to put a bit more thought into it. Some ideas of sweet gift ideas for under less than ten pounds at Wicked Uncle include a Retro Box, Pink & White Mice, Hopping Popping Chocolate Frogs and a Game Controller (shaped like a Playstation controller).

Other ideas include getting food delivered (if possible) or a gift voucher for their favourite place. Hampers are also a very popular option. Or maybe something to get them cooking (maybe following an influencer’s recipe such as AmyTreasureBlog.

Indeed Wicked Uncle do Stacking tins – you could put some sweets in for decorating, or even pop a recipe inside.

Screen-Free Gifts for Teens Under a Tenner

If your teens are anything like mine they are on screens far too much so I love to add some screen-free gifts. Games (certain ones anyway), Books, Sports, Music, Gamer/Influencer Merch, Clothing, Décor, Beauty, Bags, Jewellery and accessories ALL fit this criteria.

invitation to play with make up #playmatters

Wicked Uncle have some amazing screen- free gift ideas for under a tenner for teens. Some of which even encourage the teens off their screens!

Books for Teens Under a Tenner

Books are always a great screen-free activity. If you have reluctant readers then maybe they would be interested in 100 ways to win a tenner! Or Amazing Optical Illusions – Wow your Eyes! Football fans may enjoy Football School – Where Football rules the World – Laugh-out-loud book full of trivia & fun facts on the beautiful game. Plus there’s My Style & Me – Hacks, Tips, Projects & More! – Cool style guide for the totally chic – the ultimate fashion journal!

Gifts for Getting Outdoors and Active

Or perhaps you want to get them outdoors and active whilst being screen-free. Even outdoors and active gifts are stocked by Wicked Uncle, including: Infinity Loop Flow Rings – Kinetic Marvel! Flows & rolls along your arm like a metallic bubble; Waboba Kahuna Ball – Bounces on Water; Mega Bounce XTR – Extreme Action The world’s bounciest ball, capable of bouncing over 30ft – awesome and SpokeRimz – Alloy effect for bikes.

ball on water

Again, for activity indoors Wicked Uncle have Yoga Cards (Calm Your Inner Beast) and Snap Fit (The Card Game That Gets You Moving!) 

Wicked Uncle have a whole heap of Great Gifts for Teens under a Tenner. Perfect for Secret Santas, Stocking fillers or to bulk up their presents. No matter what their interests you are sure to find something suitable.

Finally if you are struggling this year then you may be also interested in my previous post on how we are saving money on Christmas.

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  1. I have 2 teens in the house now and I am really noticing it this year. I’m struggling, there’s only so many items of clothes I can buy and they have all the electronics that they need.
    What great ideas. x


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