The Seventeenth Week Of Jeffing Half Marathon Training

Following on from week 16, this post is the 17th week after starting training for our teen’s first half marathon. I devised a plan where we could Jeff it together in under 2 hours. He is naturally very fast and it would have got me a PB. Unfortunately really early on I started being in … Read more

Sixteenth Week Since Beginning Training

This is like my diary of what should have been my sub 2 hour jeffing half marathon training with my teen. But disaster struck by way of pain in my hip by week 6. I have been keeping a week by week account of what has happened ever since. This is the week after deciding … Read more

The Thirteenth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training

This post is about what should have been week 13 of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. By now I had totally given up the plan due to an injury that just wasn’t going away. Knowing myself though there was still the possibility that I would run the upcoming Half Marathon, so I have carried on documenting … Read more