Sixteenth Week Since Beginning Training

This is like my diary of what should have been my sub 2 hour jeffing half marathon training with my teen. But disaster struck by way of pain in my hip by week 6. I have been keeping a week by week account of what has happened ever since. This is the week after deciding not to run the practice half marathon but with no training for weeks we still hadn’t decided to give up yet!

Week 16 was the Teen’s first full working week. On the Monday I walked to town to take one of the boys to the barbers. My hip wasn’t hurting quite so much. Also the tennis balls my husband had ordered for me arrived. They are to push into my bum muscles, I am not quite sure what they do but apparently it helps!

tennis ball

Tuesday I went for a swim and the duck said 19 so the temperature had gone up again.

Wednesday I talked to the doctors via text. He said that the physio felt that is was likely a trochanteric bursitis. That he was happy to arrange an x-ray but that “it does involve a dose of radiation” that if it were him he would seek the opinion of an NHS physio “who would be able to inject the bursa if appropriate.” Seeing as I have a needle phobia I wasn’t really able to even see that as an option at this point!

Later that day I saw the Chiropractor. She said that I need to build up my mileage again. That she would book the x-ray if they were agreeing to one. She pushed into where it hurts and said that it unlikely to be a bursitis because I would be screaming in pain with the amount of pressure she was putting on it.

My next course of action was to book in with my regular sports massage lady. The chiropractor thought that she would be better able to really get into the muscles. So I went off and booked her and my x-ray.  

First Barefoot 5K

So there is this movement that run Barefoot on Thursdays. As I needed to build up slowly I thought why not. I actually only meant to go round the block walking. After the first time round though I thought this is good, why not go again.

It had been raining and the puddles were so much fun. Not to mention soothing after standing on gravel. So I walked around the block again, only faster. Then I decided to run it! Finally I headed to the park to run on just grass to make it up to 5K.

Positive Covid

Unfortunately we missed a family BBQ as someone at my husband’s work had tested positive. Luckily he took a PCR and it came back negative. It was surprising to find that he could have carried on as normal but we didn’t think that morally that was right.

Barefoot Parkrun

The tween has been struggling getting back into Parkrun. Obviously he is old enough to run on his own now but that also means that no-one has been helping him. This week I decided to help him by jeffing a 30:30 with him. What better time to try out doing it barefoot!

It wasn’t too bad apart from by the trees (where acorns etc had dropped) and because the finish is near the tree I ran a bit more gingerly down the finishing funnel.

Thanks to our teen for treating us all to breakfast afterwards.

Brighton Marathon

Sunday was Brighton Marathon which I had almost signed up for as a club place. However, I just spent it shopping with my husband. This meant that we ended up walking just over 3 miles.

However, Natalie and Martyn did take part. For those who do not know Martyn was unable to take part by himself so Natalie offered to push him in his wheelchair. Such an amazing achievement for them both. You can still sponsor them here.

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