The Sixth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training

This post is about the Sixth Week of Jeffing Half Marathon Training. I had devised a Jeffing Half Marathon Plan for myself and my teen. For me the aim was to get sub 2 hours, and the teen was to complete his first one. The week when it all started to fall apart.

The Sixth Week

The Monday after my Flexible Sigmoidoscopy I felt absolutely traumatised. I was just so upset.

We did just under 5 ½ miles walking and then in the evening myself and my husband went and had a massage. The only reason I booked myself in really was because it was my husband’s first time. She mostly worked on my shoulders but did do my right side by my hip. Although it was my left side that had a little niggle.

street art on walk as part of jeffing half marathon training

Tuesday we waited until after school so the younger teen could do the next strength training from the YouTube channel. This time they seemed to be a bit better with timing. There’s a man and a woman and they both do the same things differently. Not convinced I did them correctly! Some of the activities were so hard that I did just have to give up!

Wednesday again I did a lot of walking. There were things to sort with the eldest and this meant I just did not have time to run with the teen. He had been doing a lot of activities with his club – such as SUP boarding and tubing. Plus it had become hot and I figured that he was fit enough for this to be enough exercise.

Thursday my husband nipped me and the teen over to the river for a quick swim in his lunch break. We swam for just over 25 minutes.

cross training river swim as part of half marathon training

Friday I ran for 30 minutes on my own but it was too hot. Saying that the first and third mile was at race pace. Afterwards I walked for 2 miles and did Sleep Meditation on the Shakti mat.

Sunday I ran 4 miles on my own but was in absolute agony down my left side. I was intending to go a lot further but it was so bad that I decided it was wise to just cut it short.

week 7

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  1. Oh dear! So sorry to hear about the pain and I know that it has now lasted for a long time. Really hope you feel better and are back to exercise soon. And I hope your son hasn’t given up and has been able to keep training. x


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