Menopause Lifestyle Changes You Need To Know About Now

Unless you’re already doing them, menopause lifestyle changes are something that should be thought about long before the perimenopause even starts. In fact they are really something that should be considered by those in their 30s at least! Menopause is actually the day when there has been an absence of periods for a year. However … Read more

Told I Need to Stop HRT at 51

Last week I finally received a phone call from the doctor who originally put me on HRT about how some of my peri-menopausal symptoms have returned. This conversation resulted in her telling me that I must stop HRT at 51 years old; as well as changing the HRT I am currently on. Starting HRT At … Read more

How Easy HRT is to Increase with Returning Symptoms

For those who have been following my HRT journey here is an update since my last HRT review. For context I started HRT in June and the review was in September. Recap of My HRT Journey and About Me For those unfamiliar I have been suffering for years with perimenopause symptoms. Actually the first time … Read more

Health & Fitness Update: Could HRT be the Answer?

Just a bit of an update really on my health and fitness for those who are interested. Honestly I feel like I am pinning all my hopes on being peri-menopausal at the moment and that HRT is going to be the answer to pretty much everything! Peri-Menopause and HRT Even though I’m only forty-four I … Read more

Help for the Aging Lady

help for the aging lady

Getting older is something that inevitably happens to us all. Whilst I would not want to go back and relive puberty I think that is much better than growing old. I mean there’s plenty of warning and everyone knows roughly when it is going to happen. Let’s be honest, as hard as it was, it … Read more