Health & Fitness Update: Could HRT be the Answer?

Just a bit of an update really on my health and fitness for those who are interested. Honestly I feel like I am pinning all my hopes on being peri-menopausal at the moment and that HRT is going to be the answer to pretty much everything!

Peri-Menopause and HRT

Even though I’m only forty-four I am pretty sure I have been in peri-menopause for quite some time. This is despite the fact that I am still having periods pretty regularly (the cycle length is slightly adjusting and the worst was 9 days late) and am not suffering from hot flushes: Although anyone who knows me will be able to confirm that I am usually hot (or under dressed!).

But so many other things happening to my body right now that I sent over a list to my doctor’s surgery asking to discuss HRT. Actually I am quite concerned either way as it was believed that my mother’s breast cancer was due to her HRT. Everything I have read up on does say that because she had it then it does give me an increased risk. The only HRT that doesn’t have any breast cancer risks is one that doesn’t alleviate any of my symptoms though!

Doctors Appointment to Discuss HRT

The surgery texted me back to say that I have an appointment on Friday with a doctor (this was booked a month ago). So far I am pleased that they haven’t just fobbed me off. Doctors are really difficult to see lately so I’m quietly hopeful.

My Fears about seeing the Doctor about HRT

Other than the whole Breast Cancer risk I am really worried that they will just make me feel like I am being stupid. As I say I am not very old, still having periods and no hot flushes!

HRT and the menopause

Although my periods are starting to become irregular (they’ve always been pretty clockwork) they aren’t varying scientifically differently (like a maximum of an extra 4 days cycle length). However, just like when I was a teenager, they have become very heavy most months. Other months they can be stupidly light! I think as menopause it the lack of periods (365 days without to be exact) the fact that mine aren’t stopping may be a factor them in the doctors not taking me seriously.

If they try to fob me off then I am sure I will be offered a full blood count. This is NEVER going to happen, least of all because it can’t really determine if you are heading for menopause very well. But also due to my needle phobia. Or they will try to palm me off with anti-depressants again!

But Could HRT by the Answer to My Hip Pain?

Ages ago someone on Instagram messaged me to say that the pain I have been suffering with was just like hers. That HRT had really helped. It is coming up to a year now and I am starting to worry that I can never get back to how I was last year. I am lucky if I manage 5 miles jeffing in a week, never mind the 55 miles I was doing some weeks!

The Physio

My last appointment with the physio was pretty pointless and she just told me that the waiting list for advanced musculoskeletal had got longer than when I first went on it. It had jumped from June to August – but actually I now have an appointment for July.

When I was put on this list we hadn’t imagined I would need it, or get on to it. Obviously I just need to strength my core and glutes (obviously not something that happens by going to all the exercise classes I’ve been attending since last November!). The physio said at the next phase they’d work out if it was other things – such as hormonal, inflammation, etc but for that it would be a full blood test. Honestly I just got the feeling that I have been doing nothing since I started seeing her though – and that the problem was still as she diagnosed!

spin class - surely good for the core and glutes - especially hovers

None of that had been said when I was put on. But things aren’t really much better. There’s still loads of things I can’t do without it really hurting (like lunges!) Really I ought to keep some sort of diary but I honestly believe it hurts more at certain times of the month. But maybe I am more active then and therefore it triggers it more.

Other things Going on in my Life Health and Fitness Wise

My Wisdom Teeth Removal Under General Anaesthetic

Finally my wisdom teeth will be removed and by general anaesthetic. The dentist has been saying they need removing for years but I haven’t had any trouble from them. In fact I thought I had all four out at 15 for my brace. When they actually stopped telling me that I would just let them do it with a needle they said it would be a year’s wait. This clearly isn’t the case as they rang me last Monday asking me to come in on the Wednesday! In the end I cancelled this as there’s no way I can face even knowing I will be having a needle on my own and my husband couldn’t make it.

My Skin Tag

Unfortunately I still can’t have my skin tag removed whilst I am under as it’s not a procedure performed on the NHS. It has been bleeding quite a bit lately too.

Competitive Sport

Race to The Tower Ultra

Before I hurt my hip I was training for Race to the Tower. It is an ultra but you can split it into two days, or just do a day, making it a marathon. Previously I had walked it and wanted to try to run it. When my pain started I deferred my entry and opted to volunteer instead. Sad news has come in today however that it will not be running next year. It feels so horrid that I tried to keep all up my stamina up for as long as I could, all through lockdown and now I will never be able to do it.

finishing marathon

Swim Serpentine

On a positive note I have been convinced to try Swim Serpentine. Two times one mile laps around the Serpentine in Hyde Park, in September. This is part of the London Classics. Even though my London Marathon was virtual it will still count and I will just need to do Ride London.

Saying all that I swam a mile in the pool the other day and it was jolly hard work!

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  1. It all sounds so frustrating! I really hope HRT sorts you out. I went on HRT at 45 and there was no question of me being ‘too young’. I’ve never had a hot flush or many of the other symptoms, but I was suffering from night sweats.
    Swim Serpentine sounds exciting (and tough!). Good luck! My husband has done Ride London twice before. That’s pretty brutal too!


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