Told I Need to Stop HRT at 51

Last week I finally received a phone call from the doctor who originally put me on HRT about how some of my peri-menopausal symptoms have returned. This conversation resulted in her telling me that I must stop HRT at 51 years old; as well as changing the HRT I am currently on.

evorel 75 and utrogestan 100 hrt

Starting HRT

At aged 44 I was finally given HRT patches for my Peri-Menopause. Despite being fairly young, having regular periods and no hot flushes. To be honest I didn’t think I would be given them. Thing is I had a list of other symptoms. When asked how long I had some of them the doctor said, “Days, weeks, months?” and I told her “years!” Therefore, she said that we would try and see if HRT helped them and discussed the different types of HRT available.

Breast Cancer Risks with HRT

It was at this point that she told me that tablet form were slightly more risk of breast cancer so we went with patches. My own mother had breast cancer and had died by 48 years old. I recall her believing it was related to the HRT – but unfortunately I do not know if it was or not.

Upping the HRT

It was around 6 months when several of my symptoms had returned to the point where I wanted to consider upping my dose. The way things work with our doctors now though is you send a request online. When I first mentioned the returning symptoms I just got another prescription for exactly the same HRT. Next I tried again and received a phone call from a very different doctor. You can read all about that here.

Evorel 50 the first HRT patch I was given

Seeing Someone About My Pain

So despite believing that my pain was HRT related (and that it was a waste of time going because I am under advanced MUSKAPS) I went to my appointment. They actually said that they believed I was right. Can’t say I have ever had that before. Also that all the advice they could give me was the stuff I was already doing!

Finally Speaking to the Original Doctor who then Told Me I Would Need to Stop HRT at 51

January 23rd 2023 was the date I finally contacted the doctors about upping my dose. March 27th 2023 is when I am finally getting to up my dose!

HRT upped to Evorel 75

Honestly I felt like this woman had been told off and dictated what to say. There was a real feel of the sense that I shouldn’t be on HRT! In fact I was even told that if the increase dose didn’t help then I may have to just accept that it isn’t menopausal.

There was no mention of anti-depressants at least this time – but out came the blood test card. She implied that there was no blood test when I first went on HRT because of my needle phobia. This simply wasn’t true – because it was only even brought up (by myself) afterwards. She said that I had suffered long enough to just try it!

Changing before I Have to Stop HRT

Also I am having to switch to capsules for the progesterone part. So instead of Evorel 50 and Evorel Conti I have Evorel 75 and Ustrogestan 100. This really confuses me as it’s a lot higher dose of progesterone and now I need to remember to take them twice a day for a fortnight. Well one of the problems I have is brain fog – so we will have to see how that goes!

ustrogestan 100 capsules - an increase dose before I have to stop HRT

Why I Should Stop HRT at 51

Then it was mentioned that because I was early-menopause I would need to stop all HRT at 51. That this would be long enough due to the age starting sooner than normal. It was even more of a risk because of not being offered regular mammograms because I am under 50 – and that they did not usually run this risk! To be honest this goes against so much that I have read and heard. First that 44 is early in the first place, and second that there’s an age to stop. Others have said you can take it forever and will need oestrogen in post menopause.

My husband said not to worry because things will have changed again by then but I do find it worrying that there is such conflicting information – even between two doctors at the same surgery! Although I did find this that says that you should take it until at least 51 years – and that after that it should be discussed due to the risks.

Has anyone else been told that they can only have HRT until they are 51 years old? Or that there is a length of time they can take it before they must stop?

3 thoughts on “Told I Need to Stop HRT at 51”

  1. I’ve never heard this about having to stop at 51! I’m 49 and a half now and started on HRT just after my 45th birthday, so that doesn’t feel like long to go.
    It all sounds like you’ve had a lot of conflicting information. I hope the new increased dose works for you. Your husband is right – the info re 51 will no doubt have changed by the time you get there!

    • Glad it is of help. It is much better. I still get some aches and memory fog but nothing like it was. Mostly the mood swings are a lot better (I hope anyway).

      How are you getting on?


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