Week 18 – Pain and X-Ray Week

The plan was to train properly for a half marathon. To do it Jeffing because I had a new found love for the technique. Aiming to complete it in under 2 hours with the help of my teen who would be running his first. Unfortunately I became in pain early on and have been trying to desperately sort it in time ever since. This follows on from the 17th week since the beginning of training.

Literally there isn’t much to report about this week in terms of activity as I was just in pain. Normally after a massage people feel better for a bit, but it just felt like it aggravated things and I was definitely worse.

How the Week Went

Monday I walked a short distance to go for coffee. Tuesday I cleaned a lot and then it really hurt. I was back to waking up in pain, taking a lot of pain meds and the stairs were a killer.

X-Ray of Pelvis

Tuesday was also the day I went for my X-Ray. Luckily I managed to park somewhere that I wasn’t really meant to but was told it was okay. She said I wouldn’t be there long. Sure enough everything was really quick.

I had tried to wear shorts with no metal but still had to take them down. Keeping my pants up and covered over. The machine didn’t even get pulled down and literally she took one snap. She went off to check it was okay and that was it. She was unable to listen to the fact of where I hurt and I had been advised for it to cover. Said that it was like a prescription and could only do where the doctor had said. The doctor who didn’t even actually see me!

x-ray of the pelvis machine

I was told that the doctor would tell me within two weeks of the results. When I returned home I had received a letter from the physio saying that I needed to contact them within two weeks of the date on it, or they would assume that I am not interested.

Considering Cancelling the Half Marathon

So I e-mailed to find out what my options were for the half marathon. I had missed the 100% refund by 3 days for the half marathon. Option of 50% credit note for next 2 years up to 10 days before the race start date.

River Swim

I convinced my husband to come for a short evening swim in the river with me. He obviously found it a lot colder than myself.

evening swim with hubby

Walking and More Pain

Saturday our son had a shark dive so no Parkrun. Afterwards we walked to find somewhere to eat, only to find it closed!. Then Sunday I was just in even more pain.

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  1. I feel so frustrated for you! It must be awful to be in so much pain and not to see any improvement or get any answers. Really hope you get the breakthrough you need soon. Will your son do the half marathon without you? x


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