What Happened Next…..My Pain Journey

Following on from my last pain diary entry I was off to the hospital. Trying not to get my hopes up but I believed that I was going for banding to finally remove my hemorrhoid. Even though that in itself is such a minor thing my anxiety was off the scale. I wasn’t sure if … Read more

Pain Diary: Hip and Back Pain Progress Journey

Those of you who follow either my blog or my social media will already know that I have been suffering some pain for quite a while. Basically I thought if I kept documenting it then it would be easier for me to look back on things. I also kind of hope that some people will … Read more

Half Marathon Training – Time to throw in the towel?

asics gel

With less than 2 weeks to go I have to question whether I am going to be fit enough to do this Half Marathon after all! This week has been hard – and not because of any exercise but because of a complete lack of it! My foot (and sometimes up my leg) is hurting … Read more

Mothers’ Day Will it Ever Get Less Painful?

Mothers’ Day comes around every March in the UK – marking an emotionally turbulent day for myself, and am guessing many others. Torn between wanting to celebrate as a Mother but equally mourning the loss of my own. I am very lucky to have 4 very thoughtful and loving boys (oh and the help of … Read more

One Born Every Minute #Pain

We all experience and deal with pain differently – there’s no two ways about it. Whilst some women quietly and easily give birth others of us feel like if we experience any more of this pain we will surely die! Some of us are happy to call for as many drugs as quickly as possible and … Read more