Mothers’ Day Will it Ever Get Less Painful?

Mothers’ Day comes around every March in the UK – marking an emotionally turbulent day for myself, and am guessing many others. Torn between wanting to celebrate as a Mother but equally mourning the loss of my own.

I am very lucky to have 4 very thoughtful and loving boys (oh and the help of their father) which make the day so special for me. They want to try so hard to show me that they appreciate all that I do. They want to spend time with me and have fun – do all the things I would like to do with my mother, if only she were still here.


It is only really once I lost my mother that I truly appreciated all she did (I was only twenty years old). I wish she were here now so that I could make it up to her, spoil her. We all know that there will most likely be a time in our lives when our mother is no longer with us but that pain is unbearable. I could never imagine this suffering. And I just don’t want it to be real. I want her here to celebrate being a Nanny with her grandchildren. Most of whom she never ever got to meet.

I would like to offer a hug or hugs to all those in the same or similar boat. Whether it is a recent loss or decades ago.

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3 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day Will it Ever Get Less Painful?”

  1. This is a lovely post and an important point to consider as you walk past the endless bunches of flowers and card racks poking out at you leading up to occasions like this. I am very glad to still have my Mum around and I appreciate everything she did so much more now that I’m a mum myself. Best wishes to you for the day.


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