Children’s Bereavement Charity Winston’s Wish

Children's Bereavement Charity Winston's Wish

Death is never easy and not really something that can truly be explained. We just have to know that it is something that happens to everyone at some point. But when it arrives for a loved one grief takes over and can be a very confusing time. Some many questions – Why them? Why now? … Read more

Save Lives Not Time

road traffic accident

My big brother was a great big brother. I remember that he took care of me, loved me and played with me – I was the devoted little sister. I remember we used to play with a small mouse in a pub (I had nick named the Mouse Pub) and he used to hold my … Read more

Mother’s Day After Loss – A letter to my Mother

loss of mother

Whether you have lost your Mother, your child, or both, then Mother’s Day can stir up all manner of emotions. I wish I could say that it will just be a sad day, a day to allow yourself to cry – but grief isn’t that straight forward. I would like to be able to promise … Read more

Sweet Dreams Little One Book Review & Giveaway

sweet dreams little one

Sweet Dreams, Little One took me on an emotional ride from start to finish. Reliving the pain as I empathised with what it is like to lose a mother too soon.  Following Massimo’s agonising journey  into, and through, adulthood. Funny, emotional, insightful – this book had me laughing, crying, sympathising and reflecting from start to … Read more

Road Safety Week

road traffic accident

As you may be aware Road Safety is a subject matter very close to my heart. My big brother was only 6 years old when he knocked over by a car, and subsequently died. Tomorrow would have been his birthday and so I feel it quite fitting that this week is Road Safety Week November … Read more

Mothers’ Day Will it Ever Get Less Painful?

Mothers’ Day comes around every March in the UK – marking an emotionally turbulent day for myself, and am guessing many others. Torn between wanting to celebrate as a Mother but equally mourning the loss of my own. I am very lucky to have 4 very thoughtful and loving boys (oh and the help of … Read more


It’s a subject no-one likes to think about, never mind talk about. Yet it comes to us all. Some of us it comes sooner than others. Everyone deals with it differently. Some may even judge others about how they do or don’t cope with it. People may avoid speaking to you because they don’t know … Read more