Save Lives Not Time

My big brother was a great big brother. I remember that he took care of me, loved me and played with me – I was the devoted little sister. I remember we used to play with a small mouse in a pub (I had nick named the Mouse Pub) and he used to hold my net curtain up as I walked down the “aisle” to the sound of music. I was always told about how amazing he was – and a great mathematician, who could quickly work out any sum in his head. I wish I had more memories, but the next ones I have are of crying uncontrollably in the back of a car, flashes back to being in the back of an ambulance.

22nd March 1981 My Peter was hit by a car. A car doing only 30 mph. He died in hospital – I was told of a massive heart attack when his rare blood group (O-) was finally found and his body rejected it. My brother was just 6 years old. I was only 2. For years I believed that everyone would have preferred it to be me, as they talked about his greatness and I was always just told to be quiet. It was years later when my mom told me that she would have never coped without me. But I never felt that growing up, always living in his shadow. But that makes me very selfish, I know. And my poor innocent brother had had his sweet life taken – and nothing is worse than that. So whenever things are really bad I know I have to keep going, to make my life worthwhile because he did not have the chance to.

The driver of the car accident I believe was never punished by the law. It was just one of those things. I have never blamed him. He will have lived with this all of his life.He just did not look enough apparently. A mistake he will never have made again I should imagine.

But I DO get angry now. I see the car accidents waiting to happen. The mother (or father) who lets their child just run across the road without looking; the driver doing 40 mph in a 30 (who I usually catch up with at the traffic lights or through NSL; the people blocking any clear place to cross outside a school,

Why does someone have to die before people are willing to accept that their behavior is risking the lives of others?!

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  1. Sorry about your brother. My thoughts are with all your family. I’ve just popped to the shops and there was a car parked on the path~ mindless
    Anyway sorry for everything .

  2. So, so sorry to read about your brother. What a tragic loss of life. I once witnessed a fatality with a teenage girl crossing the road without looking and though I never knew her, she and those awful scenes have never left me since. Knew of several accidents amongst school peers growing up- 2 sadly fatal. Completely who your sentiments about it taking too high a price for people to wake up to using roads responsibly.


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