January Spends – How Well My Trying Not to Spend Went!

Spoiler alert our January Spends were still high despite trying to cut back in order to catch up on my post Christmas Credit card bill!

January Spends - how well did my trying not to spend go
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This January I decided to try to cut back on spending. In order to help with this I wrote down every time I spent money. Then I added on the bills that automatically go out too. It felt like money was needed to be used all the time. With just what felt like a very few exceptions that were clearly luxuries. At the end of the month I kind of gave up and bought things I knew I could live without!

February 1st I added everything up to see where it was going and on what!

My Luxury Spends

My husband tells me that we have to live. That what’s the point if we just do not have any nice things. This month that did me we did not cut out takeaway food, my leisure centre membership (which also covers the children) and my cold water swims!

We have also had chocolate, and I bought a reduced bunch of £2.40 flowers for what would have been my Nan’s birthdays. These, unfortunately, will be lumped in with the supermarket spending so not as easy to see! At the end of the month I treated myself to a book on ADHD – ironic that I hope it will help with the spending!

This also only includes when I spent money. My husband wasn’t keen to do it. So some of the takeaway food/chocolate was also bought by him! He did spend on household stuff – such as a new light cover for the bathroom.

Takeaways were due to us having time together, because of a sad anniversary, too busy to fit much else in (around football/skiing) and coffee/breakfast with friends. Plus our son went away to play football all day and they were taken to get fast food for dinner on the way home. This was despite making McDonalds Wraps at home.


Guess you could call holidays luxury spends so shall pop this here. It would have been silly to say I am not booking now because I am trying not to spend, (just to pay more later) so I did book a Sun Holiday when they came out.

sun £9.50 holidays code words

Also there was a deal with 25% off the Waterpark so I booked for our son’s 20th birthday!

There were also the deposit needed for the boys summer holiday with their out of school group; as well as the money for numerous trips that were important for GCSEs!

Food January Spends

As well as any takeout the boys like to buy cooked food from school once a week. Although the youngest also has been buying their biscuits! There is a minimum spend amount so not really how much we spent! The boys also get £2 a week (each) for their tuck money for their after school club. They can however, spend this on what they wish! Said biscuits may have come out of this money!

Other Money for Children

As well as their tuck money there seemed to be an endless need for paying out for the children this month. As well as the trips there was the subs for the out of school group, a skiing session, and hoppers for the bearded dragon.

Other January Spends

Finally both my husband and fifteen year old son needed clothing desperately replacing. My husband’s car was making a funny noise and needed to be fixed at the garage – luckily it did sort the problem).

My husband does the school run so that cost again isn’t covered here. I mostly drive to the leisure centre and supermarkets and the odd school run. This means that I have only had to fill up once this month. In fact I wasn’t sure if I needed E10 or E5 so topped up with just a small amount!

January spends car costs

Also a sympathy card and gifts for a dear friend who had to say goodbye to a very special dog, as well as various birthdays. Plus there was a problem with part of my Secret Santa so I had to sort that! Lastly we sponsored our friends’ daughter/niece.

However, of our nights out the one was just the cost of a bit of fuel for my husband as he went to a Beerfest and as we are not drinking alcohol then it was free entry and free drinks! The other was relatively cheap as we bought one Gin for the birthday girl and a couple of lemonades each for us.

Then the regular bills that leave the bank. Not forgetting the gas & electric bill. A lot of this spending is on the credit card bill so need to try again next month to keep spending to a minimum in order to pay it off – and hopefully at some point get back on top!

Regular Bills

  • BPS Membership
  • School lottery
  • TV License
  • Council Tax
  • Mortgage
  • Mobile Phone
  • TV/Internet
  • Hosting
Top Tips for Keeping Your Child Mobile Safe at School

Things Already Needing Money for February

So February already sees me spending money:

  • Our one son has recently gone to University and found an interesting society. We said that we would pay for some kit he needs as his Christmas present.
  • Our teens need their swimming trunks replacing.
  • Husband’s car needs new tyres.
  • Youngest really needs his gaming chair replaced!
  • House repairs/decorating!
  • Of course the usual bills!

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2 thoughts on “January Spends – How Well My Trying Not to Spend Went!”

  1. Every January I say I am going to cut down on the spending but I never do. I bought stuff for the garden and a few other bits last month but still managed to put some money in the savings.
    I think your husband is right, we should have nice things but you did really well your spending. x


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