How we would spend Lottery Winnings!

statue in the garden witley court

With my 40th Birthday coming up this week it really is a time for reflection and thinking about the things I would like. Obviously some are more obtainable than others and some nothing a lottery win from Lottoland couldn’t sort out! This got me to thinking about what I would do if I did win; … Read more

What is your Worth and How is it Measured?

WHAT IS YOUR WORTH AND HOW IS IT MEASURED? Lately there’s been an overwhelming lot of information about money (some conflicting) when it comes to blogging, and even for someone like me (who has been blogging for almost 2 years), it is often confusing. This post covers what is the law, before we consider “what … Read more

Are we really that fixated about Money?

You really can’t escape the story about Heather Frost, unemployed Mum of 11, having a 6 bed Eco “Mansion” being purpose-built for her.  She says that she’s been misquoted when she spoke to the Newspapers, who claimed to want to run a story on “large families”. Since then it seems that the Media want every … Read more