Are we really that fixated about Money?


You really can’t escape the story about Heather Frost, unemployed Mum of 11, having a 6 bed Eco “Mansion” being purpose-built for her.  She says that she’s been misquoted when she spoke to the Newspapers, who claimed to want to run a story on “large families”. Since then it seems that the Media want every penny she spends accounted for – as they scrutinise her spending saying she is paying for her daughter’s horse (which she claims on Daybreak TV is not true).


Whether we agree with her having more children whilst on benefits, or having this house built etc you have to agree that it is the system that is at fault more than herself. That if you had a choice between staying where she is – half of her children in a separate house with only an adjoining door downstairs, or moving to where they are all safe – it’s a no brainer. Or are we really concerned with “yeh but I’m paying for that” or “she should have thought about that before”

The media have named the road where the house is being built, pictures of the house, named her children and she has been the cause of much talk on Facebook – which her and her friends have called a witch hunt.

This is from a woman who has just got over Cancer.


And let’s get this into perspective – it’s NOT a mansion. It’s a house, among many, built in an old garages, which back onto a railway line, by a relatively busy road.


And what is the real issue here? Is it the whole combination? Her reputation? The number of children? The fact she doesn’t work?

I would like to think that if a family of whatever size got into difficulty and a housing association could offer them affordable accommodation, then why shouldn’t they take it?

I think the reason this has been jumped on is because of the benefits, and the new changes that are going to be made, rather than the fact they are a “large family”.

But why make an example of this family, and their lives hell. Why not just change the system.And why is everyone on at Heather? What about the father?

I have heard of people sitting and protesting (not sure how true that is) and there’s a petition. But what happens to the children if they don’t move. This has been planned for 5 years already.

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  1. I think this is a really emotive subject and not sure that there is any right answer to it. There are so many things wrong with this situation I am not sure where to start!

  2. Its extremely sad that people our becoming so personal and making it a witch hunt about HER i think she has now become the face of peoples anger towards the goverment and housing system and a prime example of everything thats wrong with it and our country.But saying that if you go so public i.e tv papers with your private like especially on such controversial issues expect alot of opinions that sadly you may not like.I would be worried about moving to her house now if i was her not so much because of children being bullied by other children im afraid as wrong as it is that happens and kids will always find a reason to be nasty to others no matter what and that will blow over quite quickly when thay find someone else to pick on (wrong color hair shoes what ever its to be that wk) But there are some idiots out there who feel the need to make their point aggressivly and publicly in my opinion there views dont count as there no better morally thereselves theres a time and a place for everything and shouting abuse in a street is WRONG :-(.I have no problem with people getting help from the beneifits system thats what its put there for to HELP or contribute towarsd you earnings not be your way of life from the minute you leave school :-(and housing associations are there to help those that cannot buy.For some generations of there family have had council properties and wudnt even think of buying i didnt myself until i met my husband as i was brought up in a council house it never crossed my mind. But in saying all this i am discusted with how she has lived her life never putting a penny into this country shes never worked as 1st baby was at 14 so know tax or NI payed.Has carried popping one baby out after the other with no thought on how she will afford (no worries benefits will pay) these children.She says on TV she would like to work well she can say that knowing its impossible not with how the system is and who wud look after all her children and the amount of time she would end up having off because od child reated problems i dont belive she will ever work.She will pass on her attitude to her children as well which is worrying she has mostly girls so look what could happen!!.I also wander abou the older children living with her not at school are they working?? or claiming benefits aready to ? People say they shud move out well i dont agree with that again most family are alot smaller i came from 4, 3girls 1boy and once will left school we were told we had to get a job and pay some housekeeping as my parants were low income and cud not support us which even if you can it doesnt matter its about being an adult and contributing.

  3. I sincerely wish that people would just live and let live. Do I agree that she should have had 11 children? No–but they are here now and must be taken care of one way or another (where is the father (fathers) by the way)–

    • Its hard though when u and ur partner work so hard to provide for ur families and do the right thing and then when you do fall on trouble there is no help.A few years back my husband whos a plumber/heating engineer had problems with his hands something to do with the nerves (tbh we never realy found out what it was) but basically he was signed off for a wk as he doesnt get sick pay and statutory pay is a joke he took his last wk of holidays to cover he was then signed off again he had to tel his doc thats no good i got to go back as cannot afford to fall in arrears with bills morgage tax ect so he did and struggled on for a few wks til luckily things got better.Im not the only with these problems either where u know there is no help or very little so to see someone give so little regard and just expect the govement to fully pay for there familiy does give great cause for anger when others may just want a little help.I mean honestly in this day and age who cud really afford to support 11 children!!

  4. I don’t agree with any of it !!! This is a lazy woman with no respect for herself or society !!! We all have to make choices based on our income and lifestyle, me and my husband ( both working parents) would have loved to have had a 3rd child but couldn’t afford it … Simple !!! Why should this scrounger … Selfishly pop out 11 children knowing full well she had no way to support or house them and get rewarded with shit loads of benefits and a 6 bed house ??? :/ it’s disgusting !!! Then to sit on TV expecting people to feel sorry for her …. seriously ??? You should not be given a 6 bed house .. Asked for or not !!! You made your bed now lie in it !!!!

    • Totally agree whats so awful is the fact she will sadly pass on her attitude of (the world owes me ) to her 11 children who will know no different hopefully they will meet future partners who will show them there is another way.

  5. I am sat on the fence, The first problem is the government if they changed the system then people would not be able to abuse it .. simple. If the system was changed then maybe she would of thought about not having 11 children in the first place!

    My question is this there are 3 fathers to these 11 children, why are they not made to support them as surly any MAN would want to support them?

    • She actually said on tv she wouldnt want there help so i take it she hasnt judged to well the charactersof the men she chose to have children with 🙁

  6. What I’d also like to know is….. The house that is being built is said to be ” One of many” ?? If so are they all going to be council properties ?? Because if not, then why should other families, who are going to have to work damn hard to buy any of the other houses on the site have to put up with this woman and her 11 children ?? I sure as hell wouldn’t want them all playing and running riot round my new home I had worked so damn hard to buy !!!

  7. I do feel sorry for her though. Today they are going on about how she has spent money on her partner for flying lessons, and then even Jeremy Kyle is saying she shouldn’t have the house. She hasn’t done anything illegal or anything. It’s not really down to her if benefits allow the odd treat, you never know how hard she must have saved for that.

  8. I am not sure there is a right or wrong to this situation, as sad as it is. While I agree that the system itself needs to be revamped, taking advantage of loopholes just because you can isn’t any better.

    I don’t know all the details. There is certainly enough back and forth, true and false being said in the media. However, I can’t throw the first stone and think others need to look to “fixing” the system instead of “working” the system.

  9. I feel as some of the other people do that have commented. I know that sometimes people come on hard times and everyone needs help once in a while, but it does aggravate me a little. First let me say that if you are on government assistance and you can’t afford to buy your children food, how could you possibly afford a horse. That is a luxury and most people can’t afford to have one.

    I don’t know much about the situation except for the little bit I have read. The system does seem to be messed up there and in the US also. Government assistance is supposed to be just that, assistance. It is not supposed to be a way of life. It is Ms Frost choice to have 20 kids if she wants to, right? Why would you keep having children that you know you can not afford to take care of? I have never understood that.

    Every child deserves to eat, be happy and feel safe, and it is in no way, shape or form the childrens fault. They deserve a warm and safe place to live too. What doesn’t the mother work? Paying daycare for the children would be killer I would imagine. I will not say to much more about it, but this… it does aggravate me when I am standing in line behind someone that is paying for their groceries with food stamps and then paying for a case of beer with money! It is not right at all, and it happens everyday.

  10. I hate how judgmental people can get. We had to accept some assitance at one point because my hubby was unemployeed for all of 2010- we used up all of our savings paying bills, and feeding our kids just so we can make it with out. Well then he got laid of again late 2011. We didn’t know what to do construction was at a stand still. We hated asking for help- but we did. But we were able to stop getting help with in a few months because he quickly found a job. Things like that I am ok with. But I get irritated when people abuse the system. It is hard for an honest hard working family to receive temp help but then you see people who refuse to get up and work living off the system (my sister in law is one of them) bring in more money in assistance then you make busting your tush- it is very frustrating!


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