Are we really that fixated about Money?


You really can’t escape the story about Heather Frost, unemployed Mum of 11, having a 6 bed Eco “Mansion” being purpose-built for her.  She says that she’s been misquoted when she spoke to the Newspapers, who claimed to want to run a story on “large families”. Since then it seems that the Media want every penny she spends accounted for – as they scrutinise her spending saying she is paying for her daughter’s horse (which she claims on Daybreak TV is not true).


Whether we agree with her having more children whilst on benefits, or having this house built etc you have to agree that it is the system that is at fault more than herself. That if you had a choice between staying where she is – half of her children in a separate house with only an adjoining door downstairs, or moving to where they are all safe – it’s a no brainer. Or are we really concerned with “yeh but I’m paying for that” or “she should have thought about that before”

The media have named the road where the house is being built, pictures of the house, named her children and she has been the cause of much talk on Facebook – which her and her friends have called a witch hunt.

This is from a woman who has just got over Cancer.


And let’s get this into perspective – it’s NOT a mansion. It’s a house, among many, built in an old garages, which back onto a railway line, by a relatively busy road.


And what is the real issue here? Is it the whole combination? Her reputation? The number of children? The fact she doesn’t work?

I would like to think that if a family of whatever size got into difficulty and a housing association could offer them affordable accommodation, then why shouldn’t they take it?

I think the reason this has been jumped on is because of the benefits, and the new changes that are going to be made, rather than the fact they are a “large family”.

But why make an example of this family, and their lives hell. Why not just change the system.And why is everyone on at Heather? What about the father?

I have heard of people sitting and protesting (not sure how true that is) and there’s a petition. But what happens to the children if they don’t move. This has been planned for 5 years already.