The Salims 16KidsandCounting Episode 1

Below I’ll be examining the Salims from the TV Show 16kidsandcounting Shown on Channel 4  March 2013 9pm, all quotes mentioned below are as mentioned in the series on Channel 4 should you wish to watch this yourself. All non specific opinions given are my own. Meet the Salims: “A supersized family needs a lot … Read more

My Life My Big Family Wedding – Meet the Hanns

Emma and Roy Hann Dundee Couple with 12 children, Over 22 Years of Marriage I spoke Exclusively to Emma Hann before their upcoming media appearances. The Hanns (Emma and Roy, both aged 43), from Dundee, have been married for 22 years. They have 12 children: Rachel (21), Sophia (20), Polly (18), Charlotte (17), Alice (14), Annabelle … Read more

Are we really that fixated about Money?

You really can’t escape the story about Heather Frost, unemployed Mum of 11, having a 6 bed Eco “Mansion” being purpose-built for her.  She says that she’s been misquoted when she spoke to the Newspapers, who claimed to want to run a story on “large families”. Since then it seems that the Media want every … Read more