How Did the February Spends Go?!

For those who saw my previous post on January spends you will know that I have been trying to keep a closer eye on where our money is going. Hence this February spends recap – which is more for me than any readers but I thought why not update you too.

Those of you who also follow me on social media will also know that after almost 16 years I have returned part-time at McDonalds this week too! Obviously there will be lots more on that coming up – let’s say a lot has changed between then and now. This has led on to some small March spends already though!

How Have the February Spends Gone?

Honestly I thought I would type this up before looking at the finances. Really I am not sure if it is the fact that the month is shorter, or that there was less demands for money, or even the new job meaning we will have more money coming in but I feel less stressed at the end of this month. For the previous credit card bill we had to pay it over two pay days – whilst this one is already covered! In fact a quick look and we had spent considerably less than the previous month!

February Spends on Eating Out

The month started off with my husband having a day off work because I was meant to be doing Jury Service, this was however cancelled. So naturally we went out to Spoons for lunch. Then we were kindly invited to the Farmer’s Arms for dinner and we left a tip for the good service.

February spends on eating out pie at the Farmer's Arms

I went to Spoons a further two times in February – once where the whole family got back together, and another where I took my oldest and youngest son. This was because it was half term and the youngest met up with his friend (we took him too). That night we also ordered Dominoes – again it was just a half term spend. Other than that the boys had just stayed in on computers really.

Other eating out spends was breakfast with my friend, a chippy tea, take out for our son on a trip a post Parkrun McBreakfast and finally a half price Toby Carvery. That sounds a lot, and it probably is, but with half term and the fact that it was the month I lost my mother it probably could be a lot worse. In fact it was around 3 times the amount spent in January!

Supermarket Spends

Now the supermarket spends you would expect to be a lot lower seeing as we had eaten out quite a bit. I guess it was around a fifth cheaper but to be honest I thought it would be more. Guess it just shows how prices are still rising sharply.

Spending on Myself

Apart from breakfast out with my friend the only other things I spent money on myself in February was for my health. So that was my monthly gym membership, two cold water swims and a swimming membership so I can use the lake at the NEC next month. Saying that my husband did spend money on me because it was the anniversary of my Mom dying, and I bought him stuff because it was the first anniversary of his late Nan’s birthday.

February Spending on the Children

So in this I haven’t included the fact that we ate out/had take-out because it was the holidays, and for the trip our son went on, nor the money towards the school lottery. School lunches are included because they usually have packed lunches. Plus the hoppers needed for our son’s pet Bearded Dragon.

There was a big expense however, because our son at university wanted caving gear for Christmas. He bought this in January and we gave him the money for it February. This still didn’t make the total as much as last month when added with his brother’s school trips. The same brother had another school trip but I added it to this category as it was much smaller.

Another thing money was spent on the children was their tuck money (which they save and spend on what they like these days), and a big packet of Mini Eggs each. Our third son had offered to buy his own and I decided to treat them both as I knew I had my new job by then. This son also had his hair cut to donate to The Little Princess’ Trust

February Spends boys hair cut for Little Princess Donation

The youngest also need new swimming trunks and his guitar strings broke. This resulted in us buying new strings and a guitar tuner for him. Finally his last baby tooth came out too – so we gave him money for that as well.

Other February Expenses

Bills were down loads! This is because we get our gas and electric bill quarterly. Of course there’s also the Council tax relief break. Apart from the usual bills we didn’t spend too much more this month apart from my husband’s car needing new tyres. Since I worked with Bridgestone we don’t like to get cheap ones.

Bridgestone Turanza T005 tyres

Other than that there was a small spend at B&Q whilst we continue to do up our son’s bedroom and only one extra birthday spending!

2 thoughts on “How Did the February Spends Go?!”

  1. Congrats on the new job, I hope it is going well.
    I think Spoons is a great place to eat, especially with the family as it’s cheap and cheerful.
    Well done your son donating his hair.
    We are waiting for our quarterly energy bill, as our smart meters don’t work I don’t know if I have been over or underpaying each month when I make a payment. Ugh. x

  2. It sounds like you’ve done really well this month. It sounds like you’ve managed to have some fun while also spending less. Congratulations on getting your new job and well done to your son for donating his hair again.


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